Monthly Roundup – April

Color me impressed, but I had more songs I enjoyed this month than last. I was literally like whoa.. April kinda came through with the flavor! I am actually super excited to see what May holds cause we got us some really good soloist comebacks. Hehehehe.

All By Myself

Hong Jin Young – Love Is Like A Petal

I like Hong Jin Young.. My consistent Trot queen that can give me a break from dealing with all the annoying repetitive bass and beat drop KPOP music.

Initial: I like this.. It’s so fun. I dare a current group to come back and incoporate a trot trap style! Side note: Do you think she has a hard time smiling cause of all the fillers?

Now: Eh.. hype kinda died lol

Dalsooobin – Dive

I was just saying how Katchup is that song and I miss her and she said, “Let me bless you!” I was also binging a bunch of her videos. I love her voice so much.

Initial: This is a fight song! I love that she has the power and expression to pull this off. I love it so much y’all… She sounds soooooooo good.


HA:TFELT – Satellite

Listen.. I fucking love Yenny so much.. Always have, always will. I know Sunmi the breakout soloist from Wonder Girls, but Yeun has my heart always. Her vocals are amazing and I eat up every fucking thing she drops. Always.

Initial: Like I don’t even mind the rap tbh I’m just grateful for new music and the video is so cute too. She just makes everything better.

Now: This is so soothing. Her album and Alina Baraz have been such a vibe.

HA:TFELT – Sweet Sensation

Initial: This video is so fucking cute. Ugh this song is so uplifting and bright. I love you so much, baby. New Day! New me!

Now: I like this way more than Satellite tbhh It was added to the chill playlist.

Katie – Echo

I feel like people barely know Katie haha.. Anyways I did like Future Love and Love Kills the most from her EP last year.

Initial: More or less what is to be expected from Katie’s music. It is very chill and grows on you.

Now: Ugh I just love the tone of her voice. Fuck.

Chungha – Stay Tonight

Do I think Chungha is a little overrated? Yes.. but Rollercoaster is still my jam. This is a pre-release single and I wasn’t gonna include it but like why not.

Initial: I thought I was going to dislike this cause I saw a tweet say it was trash, but like I genuinely like this. The MV is pleasing and she sounds good.

Now: I think this may be my second favorite Chungha song omggg. what if the actual title track is trash??

Three’s A Crowd

(G)I-dle – Oh My God

Initial: That’s it? The song is over? *hits play one more time* Okay so it gets okayish after time.. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WHY DID SOOJIN DYE HER HAIR BLONDE??? Girl go back to black right fucking now.. Also Soyeon can you please save some of the song for someone else or just go back to your solo career, I’m sick of this…

Now: I listened to the entire album cause I was gonna do a review but like nah fuck unuh bomboclaaat!!! #JUSTICEFORYUQI

Winner – Remember

Didn’t I just do a Winner song last month? … The fuck you mean it was a pre-release?? UGHHHH….. Well at least Jiwoo is in the military now. I will be so mad if this isn’t the actual song for the comeback.

Initial: It’s so cute and chill and beautiful. I will forget everything about this song as the day goes on.


Cignature – Assa

I know they recently debuted, but I can’t remember when or what the song sounds like. I do know the name of it though because unlike the song that wasn’t as forgettable.

Initial: The production of this is sickkkk. Wow imagine if the girls had some charisma in them.

Now: Nahh this shit actually slaps so hard. the fuckkkk.

MCND – Spring

So I actually don’t remember their debut song. Sorry.

Initial: Ohmygod. They’re so cute. This is a cute song. They kinda remind me of like fun version of Pentagon. Very charismatic boys.

Now: You know what’s funny?? If I just listen to it without the visuals, I don’t have as much fun. Hheheeh. THEY’RE SO ADORABLE. Added to the 2020 Kpop playlist.

APINK – Dumhdurum

Apink is a legend out in these KPOP streets. They have successfully matured their sound as they grew as artists. I loved %% so much and it was on the top end of my picks from last year.



GOT7 – Not By The Moon

I mean this in the sweetest, nicest way possible… I continuously forget that GOT7 exists and is an active group. I think the last song that I can genuinely remember by them is Never Ever, but I know they’ve released other songs since.. I just don’t care.

Initial: Cute song.

Now: I forgot to actually listen to this after I first listened to it lolol.. In semi related news, kinda feel like watching Jinyoung’s drama.


Initial: That camera STAY on Naeun loloool Okay but this is my style so of course I’m vibing to it. It’s actually pretty good wtf.

Now: Still think its cute. Reminds me so much of an Apink x Cosmic Girls mashup.

Oh My Girl – Nonstop

I am pretty sure I have exhausted everything I can say about OMG. LOL. I love this group so much. They were the truest winners of Queendom.

Initial: I wasn’t sure what to expect but this is actually very fun flirty and cute. Is this their best? No.. but I enjoy it for what it is. Also BABIES YOU GOT #1 ON MELON…

Now: The more I listen to this the more I like it hehehe. Something cute and fun for the summer! Why does Mimi look so fucking hot??? Definitely a grower hehehe

GWSN – Bazooka

I think that they are fine girls and I’ve definitely casually enjoyed their music. I am not really familiar with any members though.

Initial: Cute song. Easy to listen to. I like how straightforward it is. I think I would have liked it if we scaled down the chant. Overall pretty solid.

Now: N/A

NCT Dream – Ridin’

I have said previously that I could be a NCT stan if I cared enough and I stan by that. JUST TOO MANY OF THEM.

Initial: I’m confused… is NCT Dream not like the young bubbly one?? … Anyways this bops!! It feels so old school and not try hard and makes me miss EXO. Please….

Now: N/A

New Kidz On The Block

Max – Chocolate

I am considerably shocked to find out that Changmin has never had a solo debut before. I mean Google says its his debut, but I’m just not all that convinced..He’s like a million years old. Also the fuck kinda name is Max…

Initial: I like the title.. like the actual title of the song.. He also looks very attractive.. The song does nothing for me though. I thought I would vibe because of the beginning, let’s give it a few more listens I suppose.

Now: Kinda feeling her a little bit lololol I think I like it more when I don’t hear his voice?? lolol

Cravity – Break All The Rules

Dumbass motherfucking name… Newest Starship boy group. Guess Monsta X’s days are numbered now.

Initial: Sounds like Monsta X lite…… Still, it’s pretty easy to listen to and catchy.. lol

Now: I meant to listen to their album and forgot lolol. Doesn’t really age well…

Solar – Spit It Out

What do you mean Solar never made an official debut before? Are you kidding me?? this bitch BEEN had fucking solo concerts and shit. ugh I hate kpop.

Initial: Idk its fine I guess.. She looks pretty as fuck though and the video is really nice.

Now: Doesn’t really stick with ya tbh. Literally forgot everything about it.

Extra Shit Just Cause……

Oh My Girl’s Yooa dancing to ‘Lights Up’
yAS get it


Ummm let’s seee….

  • Jongdae and his wife welcomed their baby girl. CONGRATS!
  • Minhyuk (Monsta X) and Bona (Cosmic Girls) have been allegedly smashing cheeks for 5 years.
  • Hyelim (Wonder Girls) will be getting married in July.
  • Road to Kingdom aired but no one cared.
  • Mnet will be terrorizing us again with a bootleg Unpretty Rapstar.. Yes, I’m still gonna watch.. MIND YO BUSINESS.
  • Girl’s Alert disbanded.
  • Blackpink has a feature on Lady Gaga’s album… fuck that shit WHERE YO ALBUM AT GIRLS.

Worst Song

(G)i-dle – Oh My God

TBH. No song absolutely sucked this month.. BUT I hate that Yuqi was robbed SOOOO. #Petty

Top Release

APINK – Dumhdurum

Best Songs

Chungha – Stay Tonight
Dalsoobin – Dive

I didn’t realize I never did a fav last month.

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