Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Find Me In Your Memory

Find Me In Your Memory

Genre: Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Origin: South Korea
Episodes: 32
Air-date: March 18, 2020 to May
Starring: Kim Dong Wook as Lee Jung Hoon, Moon Ga Young as Yeo Ha Jin, Kim Seulgi as Yeo Ha Kyung, Cha Kwang Soo as Lee Dong Young, Gil Hae Yeon as Seo Mi Hyun

A love story between a man who remembers every second of his life and a woman who forgot her painful past.

Lee Jung-Hoon works as an anchorman at a broadcasting station. He has hyperthymesia, a condition that allows him to remember nearly every moment in his life. Meanwhile, Yeo Ha-Jin is a top actress. She has forgotten her past. Due to this, she lives as she pleases.


I finished it! Are you surprised? I know I am! Not because it was bad or anything.. Rather the fact that I haven’t completed a korean drama since March…. I mean, I haven’t started many, but still. Anyways, this drama was actually a pleasant surprise overall. I didn’t think that I would find a drama with this theme to be interesting because I rarely have prior. There were things I enjoyed and things that I didn’t. Be warned that spoilers will be included below although I will try to keep it generally spoiler free.

Find Me In Your Memory has a very simple and easy to follow story. I found that what I liked where the story was concerned is the overall pacing of the various plot points. I was thankful that the little conflicts didn’t stretch out too long. The first half of the story was very thrilling to say the least. Here we had our male lead, who suffered with the memory of his dead first love who happens to have been the female lead’s best friend who she forgot all memories of to cope. I enjoyed the whole idea and concept of history repeating itself. Similar to how Seo Yeon (male lead’s dead first love) was stalked and kidnapped, Ha Jin had that similar experience and it was through the Jung Hoon that things were able to be settled. However, there was still the dark secret of the fact that Ha Jin does not remember Seo Yeon and that took us into the second half of the drama where things were not so engaging and thrilling.

The acting was very satisfying in many ways. I enjoyed each person’s delivery of their character even with the lack of depth for many. If I had to complain about something in particular, it would be that there wasn’t much personal growth for the characters. I wished that we were able to see and understand the motivation behind certain actions and the choices that were made. I can say with certainty that the only person I really understood well was Yeo Ha Jin. It just feels a little half done when characters do things but the motivation seems to be to get the story along.

It is without a doubt that the highlight of this drama is the chemistry between Ga Young and Dong Wook. It was hard to believe that there was 13 year gap between our leads. The main love story in this drama was a sweet one. I enjoyed that the entire concept behind it was showing support and growing together in love. The only thing that frustrated the hell out of me was the fact that the second breakup made no sense. I’m sorry, but like I said, second half of the drama, namely the last six episodes were a lot to get through because it was just stupid episode filler dumbshit. At least I am grateful we got to get all the kisses and see very cute couple moments between our leads. I also enjoyed the comic relief of the other two love lines. Ha Kyung and Il Kwon were very funny and cute in all their scenes together, but Hee Sang and Chul Woong had me rolling every second of the way.

I think I could go on for days about the little details and nuisances within this drama, but I will end it here. Overall, this was a nice, easy and predictable drama with really good chemistry. I do recommend this as something that can be a mindless watch. I believe I have said many times that a good cast chemistry can make up for an average script. The OST is also pretty solid AND the cinematography is actually so pretty, even the coloring of the scenes!

Story: 7/10
Acting: 8.5/10
Music: 8/10
Rewatch Value: 6.5/10
Overall: 7.5/10

Fave Song:  A Memory In My Heart РYangpa

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