Monthly Roundup – June

Well honesty hour.. This month’s round up was started on June 29th because time is a social construct and I just wasn’t vibing with KPOP for the whole month of June, you know? BUT a promise is a promise and I said I would do these roundups every month and I will dammit. So what was June like in the world of KPOP?

Black Lives STILL Matter and please arrest the cops that killed Breonna Taylor.

All By Myself

Punchnello – US (feat. Meenoi)

I mean we all know that all these songs are the same right? It just has to have the right charisma or vibe that you’re aiming for at the time. It’s added to my late night drive vibez playlist.

HA SUNG WOON – Get Ready

Dipping into his Taemin bag. Boring. Next.

Heize – Lyricist / Things are going well

It’s funny to me how her bsides and OSTs are way better than whatever she releases as her title track. Like how sway? Let’s take for example, THIS GEM.

Baek A Yeon – Looking For Love

I think she’s so underrated… Did she do something to her face? Mmmm.. I can’t tell. Anyways, song is coffee shop music.

Ash B – Fake Friend

Oh wait. I can bop to this… Heyyyyy.

Nada – My Body

Oooo two toned hair like Jennie! Nice. Anyways..

Sunmi – Pporappippam

I think the last song that I remember by Sunmi is NOIR.. I don’t know if she released anything between that and this one. I love the MV here, matter of fact, I have loved all of Sunmi’s MV. The song doesn’t immediately jump at me, but there is a certain nuinace to it that I enjoy. I think that this will end up growing on me significantly. Yeah.. Imma end up loving this for sure. Hahaha.

Hwasa – Maria

Girl can you color in your damn eyebrows. You look scary as fuck without them.. Anyways TWIT was deffo better. Will listen to the album eventually I guess.

Woodz – Love Me Harder

Personally I love that X1 disbanded, now I can get all the solo Woodz content my heart desires. 😀

Three’s A Crowd


So this is actually one the songs I have actually listened to when it came out.. ahahah. When I first hear the song, I definitely did not like it, but ofc now it’s grown on me. Leave me alone! I straight up was so annoyed by everything about this song, but now I occasionally catch myself singing the hook. Also wow @ the controversy that happened with the singing. Yikes.

VICTION – Mayday

*jaw drop* Wait.. I like this. I don’t really fuck with Viction like that but it was like immediately added to my playlist. Maybe I have gotten boring and less picky???

TXT – Puma

Yes, I’ll admit it. I don’t care for TXT and will likely never care for them. So this song does nothing for me. Zzzzz.

N.Flying – Oh Really

Listen idk either, but I like this. It just feels refreshing to hear right now. I should listen to more of this band.

WJSN – Butterfly

Wow. They still haven’t topped Secret after four years? Now that’s sad. Song is okay. Idk maybe this is what happens when they do that equal line distribution shit. Anyways Meiqi will never go back to this group inshallah!!!

Momoland – Starry Night

Gift songs are so stupid unless they are As If Its Your Last or To The Sky.. No, there aren’t any exceptions. Hahaha. Fuck off. Shout-out out to Jooe’s plastic surgeon though.. Send me their digits queen.

IZ*ONE – The Secret Story of The Swan

I genuinely forget that this group exists from time to time. LOL. Mm.. idk I think I like it? I definitely can see it easily growing on me, but not enough Sakura visuals for me tbqh.

Stray Kidz – God’s Menu

I know we say Stray Kidz is just noise, but I think they’re valid. Well.. they’re only valid when they release something as good as Miroh.

Nature – Girls

Idk.. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it… It’s just there. It feels like a grower. The MV is nice though.

Cravity – Cloud 9

Boring and lifeless. To pull of this style you need charisma….

Weki Meki – Oopsy

Mm.. it’s okay.. I think I preferred Dazzle Dazzle.. It felt more vibrant..

Seventeen – Left & Right

This is a poor man’s Cupid Shuffle… I am mad because it’ll definitely get stuck in my head.

Golden Child – One (Lucid Dream)

This may be my second favorite boy group release this month? Mmm.. Interesting….

Blackpink – How You Like That

Doesn’t Jennie look so pretty! There is a difference between these fancams! I swear!! Hehehe. MY SUN, MY MOON, MY STARS! #LETJENNIERAP

3YE – Yessir

Is it now Beetlejuice and I have to do my hair two-toned as well because this is now the third person on this post with the style? HEHEHE. Bringing emo back. I love the MV, but I don’t know if I am necessarily vibing with the song as much as their other ones.

AB6IX – The Answer

Is this the group with the drunk driver? Such a feature for a rookie group.. tsk tsk. Song isn’t bad. Here are two pity streams.

New Kidz On The Block

Bang Yedam – WAYO

Bang Yedam. YG Entertainment. Member of soon to be debuted boy group ‘Treasure’. The song is fine. He actually sounds better than I thought he would.. Anyways it is still fuck them kids.

Weekly – Tag Me

Weeekly is a seven-member girl group under Play M Entertainment home to APINK and Viction, yes I did just find out that Viction is under the same label as Apink.. Fight me.. LMFAO. I liked this until the trap breakdowns.. Overall I would say that this is a pretty good debut. I will actually listen to the debut mini in its entirety.

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