Monthly Roundup – July

Well … Here we are at the end of July. You know I realized that I haven’t been doing my favorites and worst and updating as I go like I said I would in January but have you considered that I am still doing these and that should be enough? LOLOLOL. I did a lot of nugus this month cause I was feeling generous ya know.

Black Lives STILL Matter and please arrest the cops that killed Breonna Taylor.

All By Myself

Zico – Summer Hate (feat Rain)

Initial: I think we should label Zico as a terrorist.. In other news, why is RAIN SO DAMN FINE. KIM TAE HEE SHARE THE COCK???? 🥺👐🏿


Chungha – Play (feat Changmo)

Initial: Before I go onto the song, Chungha, girl.. Delete your surgeon’s number right now!! Enough… Now onto the song, I actually like it. Like its nice to see her back to her latin roots a bit. It’s fun! Something for the summer!

Now: This is such a bouncy and fun song.. When is the album gonna come though?

Ash Island – Error (feat Loopy)

Initial: I never realized how… not very attractive Ash Island was until now. The song is like a moody autotuned boy group song, that would have benefited from some charisma. Still, it’s not bad.


BIBI – I’m Good At Goodbyes

Initial: Very chill vibe. Easy to listen song and overall vibe is nice and I could go for a blunt.

Now: I added this to my chill out playlist and listened to it recently in my car. It was banging.


Initial: The song with Joy was so boring this is a welcomed improvement. Also he doesn’t look butt ugly in this one.. Just medium ugly. Nah but I actually stan the lyrics too??

Now: Ugh I am pretty mad that I vibe so well to this song hahaahah. It’s actually really good and has grown on me so much.

SOMI – What You’re Waiting For

Initial: I know birthday is controversial but like stockholm. syndrome is real. I hate that it just ends ya know? Also Teddy needs to try some new structure for production… Too much predictability isn’t good. Still, I love the early 2010s feel of the song.

Now: The chorus gets me every single time. I hate hate hate how the song just ends like booooooo.

HYO – DESSERT (feat Loopy and Soyeon)

Initial: You know oomf said that sometimes all you need is a bad song and yes that’s it haha. I thought she would have served given her hair is black for the first time in a decade!!

Now: I was so faded that I kept replaying this but sober omg this shit is trash.

Lee Hi – Holo

Initial: The lack of surprise I had seeing that she signed with AOMG hahaha. Anyways I love her vouce. I don’t say this enough. TO FREEDOM BABE.


Kang Daniel – Waves (feat Simon Dominic and Jamie)

Initial: For once in his life he looks cute. Here is someone who actually delivered a decent song after dying their hair black.

Now: Kinda in the same vein of Chungha’s in which it is a fun song when you listen but overall forgettable.

Soyou – Gotta Go

Initial: Did she get a new face? Mmm… Anyways idk nothing really special in one way or the other.

Now: Eh.

Jessi – Nunu Nana

Initial: So here is the thing with Jessi.. her entire aesthetic surrounds copying black culture and black women and it is so tired. Like how are you from Jersey and so clearly influenced yet there is never a black person anywhere to be seen. It bothers me a lot tbh.

Now: I refuse to play this again lol

Three’s A Crowd

SF9 – Summer Breeze

Initial: Let’s take a moment guys.. Wow.. I have not liked a SF9 song in a while but this is actually so good wtf. I like it a lot. Like wow. WOW. Also the MV is so good. The boys look so hot. Ohmygod.

Now: They are so hot. Hahaha. This choreo stages elevated this song so much for me. I am a thirsty hoe.

VERIVERY – Thunder

Initial: Actually not bad. I kinda dig it? Mmmm… Weird.

Now: x2

EXO-SC – 1 Billion Views (feat Moon)

Initial: This is a chill song. I think Chanyeol looks so fucking cute.

Now: We were gonna do a full album review but we didn’t so.. LOL. Sighs I guess I need to give back my Yeolmae card.

(G)-idle – I’m The Trend

Initial: This is a poor man’s Devil. So lame.. How Yuqi produced this and didn’t give herself any lines? Dumb bitch. Soyeon does not need to be singing.

Now: x3

Gfriend – Apple

Initial: psy_newface.mp3. The song is actually not bad at all. I like how straightforward it is. Mmm.. We shall see as time goes on. Labyrinth still that girl.

Now: Anyways Labyrinth outsold.

ONEUS – Come Back Home

Initial: I am not gonna lie. I kinda can dig it.. please don’t @ me. Am I drunk? Yes, but idk its working…

Now: I am sober and still bopping so I think that means something????

ATEEZ – Inception

Initial: I am an atiny adjacent ya know. I have accepted this. It’s a grower.

Now: Yeah I knew this was a grower! I haven’t picked a favorite off the album as yet though hehehe.

April – Hello Summer

Initial: I am actually genuinely happy that Naeun kinda reboosted their career. I was gonna say this is decent but then the chorus came and it was like “ah okay I see” LOL

Now: I know people hate the chorus, but it is legit my favorite part of the song hahah.

New Kidz On The Block

Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi – Monster

Such a dumbass motherfucking unit name. I swear. So anyways here is the second official female subunit from a SM Girl Group and arguably the most anticipated. The fact that they dropped the ball and didn’t deliver the MV until a day later? Lameos.

Initial: LESBIAN RIGHTS. Hahah. Anyways full review of album found here.


XRO – Welcome To My Jungle

Hiphop duo from some nugu company. They were on like Produce and Mixnine. Let’s call em “fake MOBB”..

Initial: I was getting my life then I scrolled down to the comments…………. LMFAO.

Now: n/a

Heo Chanmi – Lights

Chanmi is like that bug that keeps getting squashed but wont die. Everyone remembers her from this famous video. And I think she has joined like 90 reality shows too. Anyways the “almost girls generation member” has finally debuted under FirstOne entertainment.

Initial: Reminds me of Chungha but less presence or personality.

Now: n/a

Chic & Idle – 3!4!

They are under liz entertainment.. I don’t think I know any of these girls. Apparently they are a combination of two groups that I have also never heard of before.

Initial: I like that it is not girl crush noise but it is still lame.

Now: n/a

Yoo Doojoon – Lonely Night

Member of Highlight formerly Beast returns from the army with a solo debut;. You go Glen Coco.

Initial: It’s chill. Kinda a vibe. Video isn’t too bad either.

Now: n/a

Blastar – One Way

A five member girl group from VH Entertainment. Idk any of them.

Initial: Damn talk about no budget.. idk what I was expecting but it wasn’t this… I thought it would be more dance based since quite a few were backup dancers but Mmm.. Anyways.. it’s not bad at all.

Now: N/A

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