Latest to Greatest: TWICE and SEVENTEEN

I like to stay on brand, so I’ve been completely lazy about keeping up with this feature. However, I’m back at it again, bringing you two more groups to walk down memory lane with. The year is 2015 and the groups are huge, in member size. This time, I have two groups who are very active currently.


(PLEDIS Entertainment 2015 – Present)

Adore U (2015)

I swear, if I had discovered them through this MV and this era, I would be stressed with trying to keep them all in track. SO MANY OF THEM! The song is addicting and the MV is so silly. I don’t really understand the concept except showing how silly and adorable they are. But I love the outfit choices. The white really suits them and you can definitely see how they would be kings of synchronization.

Overall Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Iconic Moment: So many funny moments but I can’t get over Jeonghan with this long hair and in the beginning when he’s in the car and Woozi is just playing with it. MOOD

Left & Right (2020)

5 years later, Seventeen is still giving us campy MVs coupled with amazing vocals, visuals, and tight dancing. You can see the glow up in some of the members, puberty hit ya good Dino and Hoshi. Woozi still a mini mighty powerhouse. But I love how the group pretty much have stayed loyal to their brand and each other. You can really see their connection just through the way they work together. Even though this song is the Korean Cupid Shuffle, it’s a bop.

Overall Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Iconic Moment: In the end when they stuff S.Coops in a car and shoot him off to space but only to crash land some meters away. And when he comes out, he’s still doing the dance. Hilarious.


(JYP Entertainment 2015 – Present)

Like OOH-AHH (2015)

It makes sense that this MV had a zombie theme to it. One, The Walking Dead was huge during that time. And two, Asia basically turned into brainless followers when Twice is involved. This song, just like most of their title songs ended up being, is addicting and gets stuck in your head. The MV did a great job letting you see how each girl is different from each other. They weren’t going to be cookie cutter and their styling proved that.

Overall Rating

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Iconic Moment: I have two. The first is basically anything Sana did. She was hilarious. The second was seeing baby Bang Chan from Stray Kids play a zombie. How adorable. Just like when Dahyun and Sana were in GOT7 MVs.

MORE & MORE (2020)

The 9 ladies have absolutely matured in the last 5 years. The songs are still catchy and poppy but this track felt different from their others. I liked the experimental tropical fantasy pop this had. However, I just don’t think it was as long lasting as their others like Fancy or Dance The Night Away. Maybe it’s the almost 95% green screen MV that made me feel I was on the set of AVATAR and not the last airbender.

Overall Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Iconic Moment: I think the only iconic thing is the choreography. I am feeling it the most.

How was that? Enjoyed my flashbacks? Are there any groups you want me to cover? If so, comment down below or tweet me at @eonniswamelanin

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