Monthly Roundup – August

LET US CELEBRATE. I HAVE FOUND A SONG OF THE SUMMER. Also I actually enjoyed this month of KPOP for the most part? Like ew don’t make me say that again.. Mehhhhh. LOL. Also congrats to me for making it to August! I have officially beaten last year.

Black Lives STILL Matter

All By Myself

Kang Daniel – Who U Are

Initial: I think I like Waves better, but this isn’t bad either. I could see this growing on me eventually.

Now: I have liked this more as time went on. Yeah it definitely grew on me.

Miso – Blessed

Initial: I really hate Teddy for making things like this okay…. talking about the blackpink print ahbcgsdvjgsbjhvb

Now: It doesn’t sound as jarring the second time around and like most blackpink songs does sound better the more you’re conditioned to listen to it. Oh ooops. Sorry.

BiBi – Cigarette and Condom

Initial: I think this might be the one that makes me fall completely in love with her. It’s a cute song and a cute video.

Now: What a vibe this gives me. It’s so cute.

Hyolyn – 9 Lives (Pre-Release)

Initial: It’s giving Sia’s Chandelier and I’m not mad about it. I have missed Hyolyn dearly.


JYP – When We Disco (feat Sunmi)

Initial: Going on record to say this is creepy af idgaf. JYP gives me creep vibes and I will be proven right…. The actual song though?? Not mad about it…

Now: Video still creepy… Song still kinda hittin’

Jessi – Numb

Initial: Her horrendous lips aside, this is probably the best thing she has released in years. Jessi the singer >>>>> Jessi the wanna be black rapper.

Now: N/A

Hyolyn – Say My Name

Initial: My island queen giving us an island bop yet again. I love Hyolyn so much. Look at her throwing that little booty back.

Now: N/A

Woo Won Jae – Job

Initial: I can’t recall how many Won Jae songs I’ve listened to but I’ve definitely only liked about three of them… this will not be added to them.

Now: N/A

Jenyer – Bad (feat. Kimmuseum)

Initial: When I hear a woman soloist do a song like this I am reminded of how sexist KPOP world and KPOP stans are.. This song is so good and has the vibe that should’ve had everyone making hit tweets out of it. Welcome back Jenyer! I’ve missed you.

Now: N/A

Three’s A Crowd


Initial: Eh. We shall see after a few listens I guess. I just don’t feel the excitement that I’m supposed to with this type of song even after four listens.

Now: You know what’s funny? I’ve actually ended up liking ohmygod more during this month than this song lmfao.

Rocket Punch – Juicy

Initial: Its fine. Nothing really. Just very blah.

Now: Yeah.. still flavorless.

Enoi – W.A.Y (Where Are You)

Initial: Sounds like broken glass and screeching to me. This is why I can’t be a boy group stan asfdvxsaxc

Now: Men do not deserve rights.

Cherry Bullet – Aloha Oe

Initial: A complete 180 from Hands Up. I saw them trending ‘Cherry Bullet are appropriating Hawaii’ and I agree cause Chaerin was barely on my screen with lines. #Bitter

Now: I really really like the post chorus a lot. It’s the only reason I will give this song a monthly stream. Next time give Chaerin more lines.

SuperM – 100

Initial: Ew. This is no Jopping.

Now: Stop letting NCT producers into the studio.

Dreamcatcher – Boca

Initial: Was nervous about this cause I didn’t like the preview that I had heard. Gahyeon looks sooo good. This is her era!! Wow so Sua is no longer rapper it seems.

Now: This grew on me a lot. HAHAH. I’m still a bit sad every time I hear Gahyeon rapping. I still haven’t listened to the mini as yet but it was so funny how gay Suayeon are. I really love the choreo on the stages too.

Itzy – Not Shy

Initial: We all know how I feel about Itzy hahah…. I think they are rightfully Stray Kidz’ sister group. Yuna and Yeji center we love to see it!

Now: Is it crack? Am I a Midzy? WTF??? I cannot get enough of this song?????? Not Shy Not Me, Itzaaaaayyyyy.

Brave Girls – We Ride

Initial: Wow how long has it been since we got a Brave Girls comeback???!! I always said that I wanted to see more retro comebacks. I like this.

Now: This has aged well since the days have gone on. I like it more than the certain song that everyone else does.

Oneus – To Be Or Not To Be

Initial: So.. I really liked their release earlier this year and this one is not too bad but I liked the other way way wayyyy better.

Now: N/A

MCND – nanana

Initial: Maybe men deserve .3% rights. This is actually a fun song that has a nice balance of boy group nonsense but still being something fun for the summer.

Now: N/A

BTS – Dynamite

Initial: This is an english song I guess.. If I say what I’m really thinking I’ll probably get doxxed because armies are unhinged.

Now: It’s funny that my non-kpop friends like this song so I guess they did their job.

Cravity – Flame

Initial: Bland. I forgot the song before it even finished playing.

Now: N/A

KARD – Gunshot

Initial:This. Is. Good???!!! WHAT. IS THIS REALLY KARD?? THE FUCK?????

Now: N/A

Ateez – Thanxx

Initial: I already gave one boy group rights this month, Ateez.. Sorry. If I give it to too many then I lose my misandrist title.

Now: N/A

OnlyOneOf – A Song of Ice and Fire

Initial: Sighs… Looks like I’m giving men rights again… BOOOOO. fucking groovyroom this is your fault!

Now: N/A

Blackpink – Ice Cream

Initial: This is such a cute video! Nice to see the girls having fun and being adorable.. But ughhh I thought this was a Blackpink’s song? Why is it Selena & Lisa (feat Chaenie) with a Jisoo cameo?

Now: I wholeheartedly like this song right up until Lisa starts rapping. It also ages poorly tbh. JENNIE SOLO ALBUM WHEN???

New Kidz On The Block

Maka Maka – Burning Power

This a girl group under BLUEMOON Entertainment consisting of Heesu, Daseul, EunB, Chaewon and Dia. Surprisingly not filled with babies as the maknae is born in 2000. So I would say fairly older gang for a 2020 debut.

Initial: A very safe and okay debut. Nothing really special, but still easy enough to listen and enjoy. I watched their debut stage too and they have a nice charisma that can certain grow and work well.

Now: This has grown on me so much. In a field of noise debuts, it is such a refreshing and straightforward pop song.

Treasure – Boy

Everybody and their momma knows Treasure. Blackpink are officially sunbaes now as they are no longer the baby group of YGE. This group was formed in typical YG survival group style. They had debut delays in typical YG style. They lost a member in typical YG style and yet there is still like 15000 of them.

Initial: As far as debuts go this is actually not terrible. It’s also by far YG’s most attractive boy group even if Yedam does bring the average down a lot. Hehehe. Sorry, I had to!! Hahaha anyways, kinda forgettable though.

Now: Yeah.. still doesn’t pop off like it should. I hope their comeback is better. Also Yedam doesn’t look as ugly as I remembered with this styling.

Han Seungwoo – Fame

A member of Viction and disbanded group X1. I really don’t know much about him cause I didn’t care for either one of those things. He is apparently Han Sunhwa’s brother and I am shook.

Initial: It’s fine.. He looks good. Check out Lazy Unnie’s review here.

Now: N/A

Wonho – Losing You (Pre-Release)

Former Monsta-X member there was a whole thing ya know and I am too lazy to write about it so google it. Anyways he has returned prepping his solo debut. It’s kinda funny cause it’s like he lowkey won no? He is free after all.

Initial: This is so beautiful and sweet. I love it. I also just wanna know why he getting so thick for.. Sirrr…..

Now: N/A


This is trot girl group under The New Entertainment consisting of Jihye, Harin and Yongchae. I feel like trot really been something this year LOL. Jihye is my bias because we share the same bday. Yes, I am narcissistic what about it?

Initial: This is such a fun little trot song. They have really good pipes on them. I can see them holding on to this niche and meeting up with Hong Jiyoung.

Now: N/A

A-REAL – Wake Me Up

They are a 4-member girl group under JZ Factory Entertainment with members Segye, Hyebin, Dabi and Areum. Three out of the four members were in another group known as Rose Finger so we’re looking at a re-debut.

Initial: The music video lacks budget so much hhahahaha. Production wise though, this is really good. Definitely the best debut song of this month. Wow, I definitely wanna hear more of them.

Now: N/A

Best Song : ITZY – NOT SHY

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