Whatcha Watchin’ – September 13th – We blinked and it’s two months later

Another two months have flown by without us telling you what we’re watching. BUT… that changes today!

Sugar Baby Unnie

Well believe it or not I am watching a lot which you can hear about if you check out Soju Chronicles! I actually have found that I am watching a few dramas that are currently airing which means I have to go back to some completed dramas while I wait. Heheh.

Korean Dramas

Was It Love?: I am doing a buddy watch with my co-host of Soju Chronicles. I don’t really have much to say, I am neither here nor there. TBQH after the first two I wouldn’t have felt any inclination to watch again, but since it’s a buddy watch I suppose this will do.

Lonely Enough To Love: Very slowly watching this one because it’s only one episode per week which makes me so sad! I really am liking it so far so we shall see how it goes.

Chinese Dramas

Qing Qing Zi Jin: I love randomly starting shows and falling in love with them. The story is a tale as old as time, but still ridiculously enjoyable. The chemistry is lit.

Way Back Into Love: I remember saying that I wanted to see Sun Qian in a modern comedic role and I do think this one is perfect for her. This drama is giving me My Love, Enlighten Me teas and I love that for me. I do foresee the miscommunication trope happening with these two but in this dramas defense, they are both not very bright.

Lazy Unnie

We are now in the months where I promise to watch more. Maybe I can actually keep the promise and work on the bingo cards better. But so many new shows are starting that I want to watch!


My Mr. Mermaid – I was in the mood for corny and this was my choice. It’s corny, predictable and a little over the top, but for some reason it has me hooked. I really like the female lead and I think she is way better than her counterpart but I’m almost done so yay!

Bromance – This is an older show and I have seen it referenced for the fantastic chemistry and kisses. People were not wrong. The plot, totally crazy. But I can’t stop watching because these two give me all the feels. I also love a gender-bend.

Jealously Incarnate – Is this a rewatch? Yes. Do I give two fucks? Not at all. I’m so in love with this drama and getting a chance to relive the feels I had when I first watched 3 years ago, it’s been great.

It’s Okay Not to Be Okay – Even though Sugar Baby reviewed this, I needed to join the bandwagon. I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I’m not speeding through it but every time I watch, I’m constantly repeating how much I love the fairytale tie-ins and the acting. Def will finish soon I hope.


I-LAND – Two months later and I’m still staying strong with this. I’m so enamored with these trainees. Not crazy with the MNET editing, but who the hell ever is? I have my faves who are still standing strong, but Jay, Sunghoon and Daniel better make this group!

What’s On Deck?

Kingdom – Again on my deck because October is coming and I love spooky things. Hopefully I will get it finished quickly.

Record of Youth – I recently joined the Park Bo Gum train and since I’m on it, I need to watch this. I’ve been waiting for this one since it was announced. I also have the biggest crush on Park So Dam.

18 Again – I’m actually not a huge fan of body switching plots. Or a fan of Yoon Sang Hyun. But Lee Do Hyun is a lead and I’m a simp for him. I also need to see if he can carry a show. So here I am, going to give it a chance.

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