Monthly Roundup – September

September went by in the blink of an eye, but also felt like it lasted quite a while. I was a little shocked to see that CLC’s song only came back this month because it felt like it was a while back. Hahah. Overall I would say this was month was pretty good. I mean we have gg SOTY contender!!!

Black Lives ALWAYS Matter

All By Myself

Jamie – Numbers (feat Changmo)

Initial: WTF is this shit? All she does is waste her talent.

Now: I’ve been bopping.. Stockholm syndrome kinda worked ://

Taemin – Criminal

Initial: I missed his pre-release and I’m not gonna listen to it… and if I did listen to it then I clearly didn’t remember. The song is fine, I am just not a Taemin girl it seems. Like he does nothing for me and I don’t get the hype at all. The MV is nice though.


HA:TFELT – La Luna

Initial: Dipping into her latin pop bag and serving lewks. She’s so cute. Song isn’t too bad either. Play it right before or after Hyolyn’s new song.

Now: Why is she so hot? Let’s talk about it.

CL – Post Up

Initial: Yas bitch! Talk yo shit!! I miss 2NE1.. YG did them so dirty sighs.

Now: I only listened to this once lmfao. Oops.

Sik-K, Golden, pH-1, Jay Park – Gotta Go

Initial: PH-1 is just so damn good at spitting bars. idc idc idc… he literally was the highlight of this along with the dance.

Now: Still team ph-1.

Punchnello – Fine! (feat Kid Milli)

Initial: Cute MV. I love the bars and the flow.

Now: Punchnello def one of my favorite AOMG rappers.

Three’s A Crowd

CLC – Helicopter

Initial: So I can’t act like I wasn’t a little bit bitter seeing that all we were getting was a single while Shitdle has gotten two minis this year, but whatever…. This song is definitely a grower. I LOVE THE LOOKS OF THE MV. SEUNGYEON THE QUEEN YOU ARE. YOUR VOICE SOUNDS SO VELVETY. WAP ALL DAY EVERYDAY. The song also kinda reminds me of Bon Bon Cholat in some instances which is great as well cause Everglow is coming back later this month. Hheheh.

Now: I actually heard this insane mashup and I am living for it. This song goes hard. CLC has no bad songs. The english version is also flames.

Lovelyz – Obliviate

Initial: I genuinely cannot tell you the last time I enjoyed a Lovelyz song. This one isn’t bad at all, you know I have always liked when GGs do the deep house sound, plus the girls look absolutely stunning.

Now: Beautiful gowns. Nice gowns.

Super Junior D&E – Bad

Initial: Mmm.. Yeah I’d fuck Donghae for sure.. Let the ahjussi’s have their fun, I have already forgotten the song.

Now: LOL.

SuperM – Tiger Inside

Initial: I am shocked cause I expected to hate it… but it is actually decent. LMFAO. This means that title track is gonna suck arse innit? Also WHY IS LUCAS SO FUCKING HOT?? FUCK.

Now: Pretty sure I like this more than their actual title track lmfao

A.C.E – Goblin (Favorite Boys)

Initial: I go through phases of really liking A.C.E and then forgetting they exist. I really really really like this. The sound is good and they are serving LEWKs in the MV.


Mamamoo – Wanna Be Myself

Initial: I wanna go on record and say that I miss Mamamoo’s pre-fame stuff. They were doing things that were actually interesting. This is whatever tbh. It’s not bad, but forgettable.

Now: So when is Purple Kiss debuting?

Stray Kidz – Back Door

Initial: I can’t explain it but some Stray Kidz songs just get to me and I like this one??? Send help.

Now: Can’t. Stop listening. WTF.

Fromis_9 – Feel Good (Secret Code)

Initial: So cute. Very much makes me Feel Good.. the rap was unnecessary. Much better than Fun but not as good as Love Bomb.

Now: This song just screams good vibes.

Treasure – I Love You

Initial: Teddy is a menace to society. Always ruining perfectly decent songs with his crap.

Now: No more Teddy.

Everglow – La Di Da

Initial: UGHHH LOOK HOW THEY ATE THAT AND CUT IT TF UP LIKE ARE YOU DUMB???? ITS SO FUCKING GOOD. Aisha and Onda stood out so much to me. oh wow. Personally love the MV style so much.


The Boyz – The Stealer

Initial: I’ve listened to this more than once and I still forget what it sounds like.. Sorry oomf. Juyeon is still fine af though.

Now: N/A

Cignature – Arisong

Initial: It’s the way I’ve forgotten every song they’ve ever released lol. This song is fine I guess.

Now: Oh I like the noisiness of the chorus hahah.

SuperM – One (Monster & Infinity)

Initial: Kai and Lucas look so hot.

Now: N/A

New Kidz On The Block

Lunarsolar – Oh Ya Ya

This a girl group under JPlanet Entertainment consisting of four members: Eseo, Jian, Taeryoung, and Yuuri. They are allegedly a vocal based group. Maknae is a 2001 baby. Jian’s role model is Jennie so I like em already tbh.

Initial: For some reason this wasn’t what I expected seeing the description as a vocal group. Very tropical club sound. It’s not bad at all actually. Very easy to listen to. Decent debut.

Now: Song is ok. Nothing new to comment.

WONHO – Open Mind

So last month I posted the pre-release and here we are now with the debut. It is still just so weird to think that he isn’t a part of MX anymore.. I wish that Hanbin could now take some notes as well. I miss you!! Fuck.

Initial: Absolutely no one who watched this video was paying attention to the song. I fluctuate between whether I like men that beefed up or not. Like in some shots I’m like “fist me daddy” in other shots I’m like “he must have a small cock”… Please give me a moment. Thanks.

Now: Forgotten the song many times over but do not forget the body. COCK.

YooA – Bon Voyage

It’s impossible not to know who Yooa is if you have been a long time reader of this blog. She is a member of Oh My Girl and the face of the group alongside Arin. It was quite obvious from the get go that she would likely be the first solo debut for the group.

Initial: Somebody’s culture is being appropriated here but it ain’t mine soooooo… hahahah. #SorryNotSorry

Music video looks so ethearly and beautiful. Full album review here.

Now: This has grown on me so much. Like the mini is so good. Like YooA wtf. Ugh ate it up like the bias she is.

Namjoo – Bird

Apink is not short of talents and they’ve been super fresh on the scene lately. It was a bit surprising to see that Namjoo was next up for the debut, but she is probably my bias so needless to say I was excited. Heheh.

Initial: I enjoy the verses, but ugh the chorus is just not very good. Namjoo does look so damn good though. So I found out that this was co produced and written by Soyeon and I think it’s time we have this conversation.. Soyeon is not the producer that KPOP industry keeps trying to convince me she is. Now when I listen all I can think is that this was a Shitdle song.

Now: The live stages are good. Song is still trash.

Checkmate – Drum

With J.Seph going to the military soon, I suppose it is only safe to expect that another co-ed group will try to fill the void that KARD will make (she says sarcastically.. jk Jseph is my friend!!) Checkmate is a co-ed group under GRACE COMPANY Entertainment. They consist of 5 members: Sieun, Suri, Nason, Yongseok, and Noah. 

Initial: I was just kidding when I called them KARD lite but like this is literally a KARD song? Sorry not sorry. Nothing to see here.

Now: It’s a pretty basic sound that’s easy to digest.

XUM – Ddalala

I enjoyed NeonPunch so much especially their song Tic Toc! It was sooo good! Was a little disappointed by the disbandment news. So XUM is made up of three former NeonPunch members, Dayeon, Bekah and Iaan.

Initial: This is no Tic Toc.. Booooo… Ugh so over this whole badass gc concept. Fuck Teddy for making noise acceptable.

Now: N/A

Ghost9 – Think of Dawn

It’s a known fact that all these competition shows do is breed more and more groups. So here we have Ghost9 consisting of nine members: Junhyung, Dongjun, Shin, Kangsung, Junseong, Prince, Woojin, Taeseung and Jinwoo. I will claim Junhyung as my bias solely because we share the same birthday.

Initial: They kinda feel like a low budget Ateez and I’m not exactly mad about it. I can see them growing this sound. The more I listen to the chorus the more I like it.

Now: N/A


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