First Impressions: Netflix and Procrastinate

When I told Sugar Baby that I wanted to do first impressions, I was shocked at myself. I haven’t really been watching dramas and if I do, I take forever to finish them. But these have been on my “to-watch” list since they were announced. See if I’m gonna keep Netflixing and Chilling with these three dramas.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

“Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” is a romantic comedy about a pianist named Goo Ra Ra who hits rock bottom after her family’s sudden downfall. After she finds her way to La La Land, a piano academy in a small village, she ends up crossing paths and falling in love with the tough and mysterious Sun Woo Joon, who seems to be hiding a lot of secrets. Goo Ra Ra is an immature and mischievous pianist. With her bright laughter and sunny disposition, she’s a simple, confident, and lovable person, having the charm of making anyone laugh no matter how difficult the situation. Goo Ra Ra also enjoys making jokes and acting unpredictably even during serious moments as she has lived a life without fear, being able to gain whatever she wanted with money. Something happened that caused her to become bankrupt. She doesn’t have anything now, and she is frustrated with her situation. Sun Woo Joon doesn’t care what other people think about him, but he has a warm heart. He is free-spirited and doesn’t have a specific dream or goal for his life. He makes ends meet by working part-time jobs. Goo Ra Ra and Sun Woo Joon meet at the small private piano academy LaLa Land in a country village.

  • Genre : Romantic Comedy
  • Origin : South Korea
  • Episodes : 16 (60 mins.)
  • Aired : October 7 – November 26, 2020
  • Where To Watch : Netflix
  • Starring : Go Ah Ra | Lee Jae Wook | Kim Joo Heon

Thoughts: I went in with very little expectations. More like close to none because 1. Sugar Baby ragged on it. 2. I am not a big Go Ah Ra fan, at all. 3. The concept seemed corny as hell. 4. The title of obnoxious. After two episodes, I’m not sold on it 100% but there is something about this show that has charm. It’s definitely not Go Ah Ra and her naïve Goo Ra Ra, because she is ANNOYING. I get being sheltered but she was beyond gullible. It isn’t even my Lee Jae Wook that has me sold. His Sun Woo Joon is mysterious but kind of reminds me of his characters in both Extra-Ordinary You and Search: WWW. I think it’s the promise of the ensemble cast coming in and being the glue that holds the weak parts together. Just because the show is as ditzy as its main characters, I might just keep up with it weekly.

Are You Still Watching? : Continue Watching

First Impression Score: 6.5/10

Private Lives

Swindlers come across a secret of the nation and try to reveal the secret. They must go up against a large company by using all of their skills. Lee Jung-Hwan is a team leader for the major corporation. He looks like an ordinary company employee, but he is a mysterious figure. Cha Joo-Eun is a swindler, who has the looks of a sweet & innocent woman. She supports herself with her crimes. Jung Bok-Ki is a professional swindler. She often targets other swindlers. She is elegant and also charismatic. Kim Jae-Wook is Jung Bok-Ki’s partner in crime.

  • Genre : Thriller, Mystery, Comedy, Romance
  • Origin : South Korea
  • Episodes : 16 (1 hr. 15 mins.)
  • Aired : October 7 – November 26, 2020
  • Where To Watch : Netflix
  • Starring : Seohyun | Go Kyung Pyo | Kim Hyo Jin | Kim Young Min | Tae Won Seok

Thoughts: I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this one. Even after watching 2 episodes, I feel like I don’t have a clear grasp on Seohyun and Go Kyung Pyo’s Cha Joo Eun and Lee Jung Hwan. The first episode gave me the biggest Catch Me If You Can vibes with Cha Joo Eun being the daughter of con artists. But by episode two, when Lee Jun Hwan is introduced, I’m left trying to figure out how he really fits into this dynamic. Another pet peeve I have with this show is the fact that the term “documentary” is being used to describe a con. I don’t know if it is a lost in translation moment, but it takes me out a bit. Not sure if I will keep up with this weekly. I’m bored but intrigued.

Are You Still Watching? : To Be Determined

First Impression Score: 6/10

Record of Youth

This is a drama about the growth record of young people who strive to achieve their dreams and love without despair in a generation where dreams have become a luxury and the passionate record of young people who beeline for their dreams in their own way, presenting excitement and empathy. Sa Hye Joon is smart and handsome. He is a nice guy and a popular model, but what he really wants is to become an actor. He has auditioned for many acting roles, but hasn’t found success yet. Unfortunately, Sa Hye Joon doesn’t have much presence as an actor. Meanwhile, Ahn Jung Ha works as a make up artist. Bright and cheerful on the outside but lonely on the inside, Jung Ha takes out her stress and frustrations by fan-girling over idols.

  • Genre : Melodrama, Romance
  • Origin : South Korea
  • Episodes : 16 (1 hr. 15 mins.)
  • Aired : September 7 – October 27, 2020
  • Where To Watch : Netflix
  • Starring : Park So Dam | Park Bo Gum | Byeon Woo Seok | Kwon Soo Hyun

Thoughts: Alright, I’ve drunk the Kool-aid and finally started this drama. I was always going to watch it because 2020 is the year I decide to give Park Bo Gum a chance in my heart. As for the show, I’m not wowed. It comes across as your typical slice of life melodrama. And it seems like Bo Gum is determined to ALWAYS play this kind of “simple, good natured handsome guy”. At least in the roles I’ve seen him in. On a usual day I would drop this because it dragged a bit for me but the slow burn actually feels nice. Especially with the goddess that is Park So Dam. Her hair color is horrible but I’m intrigued by her character. I want to know why she quit her office job and is now a makeup artist. I also want to know more about Bo Gum’s Sa Hye Jun and his best friend, Byeon Woo Seok’s Won Hae Hyo, friendship. Some of the things that have unfolded has felt predictable, like the whole military and possible time jump, but just means I’m ready for more.

Are You Still Watching? : Absolutely

First Impression Score: 7.5/10

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