Whatcha Watchin’ – November 8th – WE ARE FREE AT LAST!

Seems like this has become bi-monthly occurrence for us but the most important thing is TRUMP LOST!!! Also, it’s November so that means it’s now LAZY’s birthday month. LETS TURN UP!

Sugar Baby Unnie

I think at this point it is better to list the dramas I am NOT watching? To not make my section be long as fuck, I will pick a few… Lmfaoo… PLEASE SEND HELP. BUT REALLY.

Korean Dramas

More Than Friends: I need to play catch up, but like ummm??? I love Ong Seongwu? I really don’t care.. He is the baest bae that ever baed and even though his character is a lot annoying here, I will still simp.

Tale of the Nine-Tailed: When I started this I swore that I would be more into Lee Dong Wook, but the way Kim Bum’s Lee Rang has me by my neck? Sir… I apologize for ever doubting you. I hope we get a nice tragic ending heheh.

Birthcare Center: The first episode was quite something lol Listen, I am here for this whatever it is. I am intrigued to see how things go.

Chinese Dramas

Qing Qing Zi Jin: Viki took forever to finish up the subs and now we’re in the long haul, looking to wrap this one up this month. I think this is a little underrated. We shall see how the last half goes.

Begin Again: I was waiting a lifetime for this drama to bless us!! Of course, MGTV is being stingy with the subs and even though I appreciate the fans subs, this drama is one that has so many innuendos within the script that the official subs are better. This will be a slow watch folks. Gong Jun and Zhou Yu Tong are killing itttt.

The Legend of Xiao Chuo: Yes, I had to start it. Ugh I am weak ppl. So like yanno ten years time before I wrap up this one.

Lazy Unnie

ITS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH AND I CAN DO WHAT I WANT! But really, what I want is to just stay in bed and watch TV. I am already watching a bunch of Asian shows but then I went and binged the second season of Umbrella Academy. I LOVE BEN SO MUCH. Anyway… see what I got going on.


Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – I know this show is corny as hell but I’m so invested in these people. Still don’t like Go Ara but I really am feeling the secrets being unfolded.

Start-Up – This is another show where I’m not crazy about the female lead but damn I’m hooked. And the reason is Kim Seon Ho. Everything about him is amazing in this and I can’t wait to see how it turns out for him.

Hello Again – I’m torn with this one because at first, I loved the concept of enemies to lovers. But where I am in the show makes me want to drop it because the male lead is just a man child and I wanna slap him. But I’m 11 out of 16 episodes so I will push forward and drag it in a review.

Tale of the Nine Tailed – The plan wasn’t to watch this since Sugar Baby claimed it but I couldn’t stay away from Lee Dong Wook and add Kibum in that, MY BODY IS CALLIN! In the end, I’m enjoying this very much, even with the creepy parts. Ghost kids… not cool.

Encounter – Because I was in such a Park Bo Gum binge, I started this. I like it… so far but I can see that miss Song is going to work my nerves rather quickly.


Running Man – In the middle of all the dramas, I’m trying to also get caught up with mah show. I think I left off with the Zico episode.

What’s On Deck?

Kingdom – I still haven’t watched this and I really need to get it done THIS month.

Lost Romance – I saw a soompi article about why I should watch this Taiwanese drama. I guess because I’ve been into them, I wanna give this a chance. I really like the k-drama references this has going in it.

18 Again – This is still on deck because I haven’t found a place that has the episodes subbed. I WILL watch this soon.

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