Monthly Roundup – November

November is so lucky it has Thanksgiving because otherwise it would be a waste of a month. No initial vs now thoughts cause I did this shit like thirty minutes before I hit post… Hehehe.

Black Lives ALWAYS Matter

All By Myself

Hong Jiyoung – Never Ever

I really love the way her voice sounds and I don’t really know why. I do think this song is boring as hell, but still very soothing.

Jung Jinwoo – MOVIE (Feat. Rohann)

Sounds like your typical Korean Hip Hop/R&B sound, but I am not complaining in the least. *adds to my KR&B and Chill playlist*

BOL4 – Dancing Cartoon

It’s the way I still cannot stand her voice at alll.. This however, is a nice song because it has the latent funk beat to it and as such I am entitled to call it a bop.

Taemin – IDEA

I feel like every month he releases a new song and I am never interested in it.

Jamie – Apollo 11 (feat Jay Park)

I like this a lot and no I won’t elaborate.


Spare Jennie feature King?? Pretty please??

Three’s A Crowd

Monsta X – Love Killa

Shownu looks so sexy? It’s the only thing that I thought about while watching this. He literally looks so hot. Come blow my back out any time, king.

AB6IX – Salute

You know what is funny? I actually thought that MX’s song would sound more like this one?? I actually like this, I can vibe with it. Mmm… Screw the shitty leader. You guys don’t need him. Nothing is missing tbh.

Mamamoo – Aya

I think its time we acknowledge that as a group becomes more popular their music just gets worse and worse because I cannot fathom why they would release this? Where’s the flavor?? Have they forgotten how to be a group? I just want them to make decent music again.

Secret Number – Got That Boom

So I have a confession to make.. I unironically like Who Dis? And dare I say it.. This one kinda slaps too. In all honesty they have improved.. Mayhaps they’ll keep going up in quality? Damn this is fucking good.

Girlkind – Psycho4U

I wish I remembered who these girls were but I really don’t give a fuck either way. It could’ve almost been good if the production was so very obviously nugu. Who were the engineers on this? They didn’t do a good job at all.

Berry Good – Accio

Cute girls.

Treasure – Mmm

Ask yourself this Treasure.. Haven’t you done enough damage?? Man I am so bitter wtf why this group already have more songs in four months that BP did in two years???


Hey Siri! Play Psy’s New Face! I literally do not recognize a single person lmfaoo In other news omg this song is so good? Yeah they won this round. I love it oh wow. Yuju got a whole new face and is now like let be my stripper self on this pole..

Drippin – Shine

So we all know how I stanned Nostalgia last month lmfao… This is no Nostalgia sighs… However, I still chill.

Momoland – Ready or Not

Another group of new faces! We love to see it. Jooe’s surgeon is the bomb not even Yeri could.

BTS – Life Goes On

So anyways like I said, the more popular a group becomes the worse their music becomes. zzzz

Wooah! – Bad Girl

It’s kinda weird how everyone sounds the same and can be easily interchangeable. Anyways this is a nice song likely to be forgotten in the end, but nice while listening to it.

GOT7 – Last Piece

OH. OH WOW. This?? Is??? Good???

New Kidz On The Block

BXK – Fly High / NOYB

BXK is a six-member boy group under New Planet Entertainment. The members are Sun, Chanseung, Inu, Taeon, Lee Han and Teen. Apparently the name BXK means Boys x Kings. Listen… I don’t care enough to figure out which song is the actual comeback and which one isn’t. They were both released on the same day so we’re gonna treat em like a Blackpink double title track release and call it a day! In the case of NOYB we have autotuned noise with no budget which is a little embarrassing to say the least. Also these boys are not cute. Fly High on the other hand is so so so so much better. I mean they’re still not very cute, but this song is easier to listen to.

STAYC – So Bad

STAYC is a 6-member girl group under High Up Entertainment. The group consists of Sieun, Seeun, Sumin, J, Isa and Yoon. I really like the MV it’s so pretty! I feel like this is a really good debut tbh. However given that this is now the trend, I feel slightly underwhelmed.

Aespa – Black Mamba

So given Wendy still being in a bit of recovery and Irene’s scandal, it was time for a new SM Girl Group to cover up shit. Hence we have Aespa. A four member girl group consisting of Karina, Giselle, Winter and NingNing. This was the best you could do SM? Really? Embarrassing. They might follow NCT’s shitty shoes.

Bling Bling – G.G.B

BlingBling or Bling Bling is a 6-member girl group under MAJOR9. They consist of members, Yubin, Jieun, Ayamy, Marin, Juhyun and Narin. They have quite a few non Korean members but I am too lazy to tell you which they are heheh. So its kinda that noisy girl crush vibe, but they kinda pull it off tbh. The voices remind me of Mamamoo. I like it.

Kai – 음 (Mmmh)

So as it stands the only person who did not have any solo or unit stuff from EXO (no we don’t count SuperM) was Jongin. Therefore it was only a matter of time before he got his dues. I would say he was probably one of the more anticipated members. In all honesty, I haven’t listened to the album yet, but I am a little underwhelmed by the title track. It’s easy to listen to, but I kinda was left wanting more? BUT OHMYGOD HE LOOKS SO HOT. SPARE COCK?

Song of The Month: GFRIEND – MAGO


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