Back That Ass Up – 2020 Year In Music

There is no December roundup because like who really releases any good songs in December anyways? Jk Jk. But for real, I was too busy doing this to even really pay attention to the december releases and 9/10 times they are all ballads anyways. That being said here are my favorite December releases that are not listed in my year end picks.

Okay so now that that is over, we shall do a forewarning to address the differences between this years year end picks to last year’s. First and foremost, FUCK 2020! With that out of the way, there will be no picks from China this year because it’s their punishment for you know what. Lmfao. I’m kidding, please don’t take me seriously. It was a joke. Y’all know I love me some China and Chinese entertainment. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to many new Chinese artists releases this year and in the case of OSTs they are so hard to find on Spotify so I end up forgetting the songs which makes it hard to pick my favorites. To prove that I don’t just hate China, I also have no Japanese songs that are not from KPOP artists because truthfully, I spent a majority of 2020 listening to KPOP (shocking but true) and my depression albums. To make up for the lack of Chinese and Japanese content, I decided to give ten title tracks and ten bsides (girls only). I feel like I am allowed to be a little bit of a mess this year because it was a messy year!

Overall as much as it pains me to say… We had a pretty good year in Korean music. IDK if it was them not being allowed to tour or what but I enjoyed a lot of what came out this year especially when I compare ot to last year and the difficulty I had choosing songs because everything sucked. This year my problem was that I had too many options and I had to stick to my only one song from a group per category rule. Smh. Anyways, enjoy! xx

PS- It is kinda funny going back to my roundups and seeing how different I feel about things as time went on.


Listening To Echos – Top 5 Japanese Versions of Korean Songs

5th: SF9 – Good Guy

4th: Pentagon – Dr. Bebe

3rd: Nature – I’m So Pretty

2nd: Stray Kidz – God’s Menu

Top Release: Oh My Girl – Nonstop

According to Knetz, Japan Is Irrelevant – Top 5 Original Jpop Releases from Korean Artists

5th: Oh My Girl – Etoile

4th: TWICE – Better

3rd: Stray Kidz – All In

2nd: Taeyeon – #GirlsSpkOut

Top Release: Dreamcatcher – No More


Do Men Deserve Rights? Be Honest. MALES

Let’s Get This Bread – Top 10 Title Tracks

10th: AB6IX – Salute

9th: Golden Child – Pump It Up

6th: Ateez – Answer

5th: TXT – Can’t You See Me

8th: CIX – Jungle

7th: Seventeen – Left & Right

4th: Stray Kidz – Back Door

3rd: Day6 – Zombie

Runner Up: Oneus – A Song Easily Written
Top Release: A.C.E – Goblin (Favorite Boys)

You Are Second Best To No One – Top 5 Bsides

5th: SF9 – One Love

4th: Seventeen – Hey Buddy

3rd: CIX – Change Me

2nd: Ateez – Good Lil Boy

Top Release: Pentagon – Zoom Up

Standing On Your Own – Top 5 Releases From Solo Artists

5th: Mino – Run Away

4th: Woodz – Bump Bump

3rd: Daewitcha – August D

2nd: Crush – Ohio

Top Release: Candy – Baekhyun

You’re My Best Man – Top 5 Bsides From Solo Artists

5th: Kang Daniel – Waves

4th: Kai – Amnesia

3rd: Ong Seongwu – Guess Who

2nd: Woodz – Lift Up

Top Release: Baekhyun – Ghost

No Skips Allowed! – Top 5 Mini/Full Albums


Women In Charge – Top 10 Title Tracks

10th: BVNDIT – Cool

9th: CLC – Helicopter

6th: Dreamcatcher – Scream

5th: Gfriend – Mago

8th: Loona – Why Not

7th: ITZY – Not Shy

4th: Twice – I Can’t Stop Me

3rd: Apink – Dumhdurum

Runner Up: Blackpink – Lovesick Girls
Top Release: EVERGLOW – LA DI DA

Aint No Regular Side Chick – Top 5 Bsides

10th: April – Doll

9th: Lovelyz – Dream In A Dream

6th: Itzy – Ting Ting Ting

5th: Loona – Voice

8th: Iz*one – AYAYAYA

7th: Apink – Love is Blind

4th: Dreamcatcher – Black and White

3rd: GFRIEND – Labyrinth

Runner Up: Everglow – Untouchable

Top Release: Blackpink – Crazy Over You

Independent Woman – Top 5 Releases From Solo Artists

5th: HA:TFELT – La Luna

4th: Dalsoobin – Dive

3rd: Hyolyn – Say My Name

2nd: Somi – What You Waiting For

Top Release: Yezi – Mimew

You’re My Maid Of Honor – Top 5 Bsides From Solo Artists

5th: Hwasa feat DPR Live – I’m Bad Too

4th: Yerin Baek – Hate You

3rd: HA:TFELT – Life Sucks

2nd: Heize ft Ji Chanel – 1/1440

Top Release: YooA – Diver

No Skips Allowed! – Top 5 Mini/Full Albums


Rookie Spotlight – Soloists (Re)Debuts

5th: Lee Sunhyun – Alien

4th: Paradise – Siyeon

3rd: Wonho – Losing You

2nd: Kai – Mmmh

Top Release: YooA – Bon Voyage

Rookie Spotlight – Groups

5th: MCND – Ice Age

4th: Weeekly – Tag Me

3rd: Red Square – Color Full

2nd: StayC – So Bad

Top Release: Drippin -Nostalgia


5th: EXO-SC feat Moon – 1Billion Views

4th: WJSN Chocome – Hmph!

3rd: Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi – Naughty

2nd: K/DA – More

Top Release: Blackpink x Lady Gaga – Sour Candy

The Show Is Over But The Music Lives On – Top 5 OSTs

Crash Landing On You

5th: IU – I’ll Give You My Heart

The King: Eternal Monarch

4th: Hwasa – Orbit

Dr. Romantic Kim 2

3rd: Baekhyun – My Love

Do You Like Brahams?

2nd: Punch – Close To Me

Top Release: Heize – You’re Cold
It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

So there you have it! I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us musically! xx

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2 thoughts on “Back That Ass Up – 2020 Year In Music

  1. Love, love, love all the picks! Although men definitely do not deserve any rights lmao, they really did have some good releases this year. I’m especially glad to see Zoom Up on here as it was my favourite PTG b-side of the year as well as Baekhyun’s releases. Taste!

    Happy New Year and hopefully we get good music in 2021!

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