Monthly Roundup – January

Wow 2021 huh? We really barely survived the shit show that was 2020. I really believe it will go down in history as such a trash ass year. But you know what was kinda funny? For such a trash ass year we received a fairly decent number of music. Might have been one of KPOP’s best since like 2016 tbh. I hope that we are all proud of me cause I made it all the way to the end of the year. Kiii.

So I was a lazy fart this month and only listened to songs like yesterday. WHY WERE THERE SO MANY RELEASES????? Sighs. I gave men way too many rights this month. Very sad.


Dalsooobin – Eyes Like Cloud

She’s a singer!! She loves to sing!! Let’s get it going. I really just enjoy Subin’s voice so much I find it beautiful and soothing.

Coogie – Pow (Gray)

You know what’s weird? I don’t think I like much of Coogie’s stuff, but this is actually not bad at all. Oh wow. Kinda shook. Please leave me a second while I mull over the fact that I didn’t dislike this.

Yubin – Perfume

Oh yes we stan this music! Yubin bitch!! This is perfection! The retro vibes will always be a hit with me. I love that this is the new trend.

Alexa – Never Let You Go

A very different style than usual Alexa. YAWN. I love her hair color! It is so pretty!

U-KNOW – Thank U

Why did his ass do a whole movie? I am dead. Hahahah. Song is fine. Nothing I will revisit.

U-Know – Eeny Meeny

You know .. (hAH HA HA Get it).. Yunho looks very hot lately. Is it the SM surgeons being put to good work or what idk. Seulgi has also been looking so damn good lately as well.

Chungha – X

So y’all heard that Chungha is doing a whole album with 21 songs!!! I am pretty sure that’s more songs that Blackpink’s entire career. This song is chill. A nice vibe, I will be listening to the 21 song album ehehehe.

Bobby – U Mad

That hair…. sighs. It is 2021 motherfuckers. Other than that, song is definitely a vibe.

IU – Celebrity

Queen Jieun can do no wrong by the way. A lyricist. A singer. When will any of your favs ever?!?!?!

Hyuna – I’m Not Cool

So P Nation just letting their artist release any and everything right? Why Hyuna out here sounding like Soyeon. Sighs.


MCND – Crush

I mean.. It’s not bad. It could be a grower.. we shall see. Minus that dance break. Idk how I feel about that.

Treasure – My Treasure

I am sick and tired of this fucking group using Blackpink’s money. SHUT UP.


If we just dialed back the Soyeon a little bit this would be so much better. I unfortunately do like it for what it is as long as I don’t hear that girl’s voice. I wish she had just stuck to the rapping instead of singing.

Viction – What I Said

Every boy group just feels so generic to me nowadays. They are all interchangeable. This isn’t bad to listen to though.

E’Last – Dangerous

Idk I might be a little too drunk or something. Why does this not sound bad? Ugh fuck.

Epik High – Rosario (feat CL, ZICO)

I thought Zico went to the military??!!??! KOREA EXPLAIN. Okay but the song kinda slaps . Ugh fuck x2.

Epik High – Based On A True Story (feat Heize)

Heize really only good on OSTs which is sad as hell imo.

AB6IX – Stay Young

A very easy and breezy song. I think I can enjoy the chill vibes that AB6IX offers tbh.

Cravity – My Turn

No, thank you sir. I don’t need no ride.

ONEUS – No Diggity

Idk guys I think I am back on my boy group noisy behavior. Like why does this shit slap so much? IT GOES MOTHERFUCKING HARD.

Golden Child – Burn It

Fuck it looks like men get rights this January. Whenever I like more than one boy group release for the month, I feel like I am dishonoring the misandrist in me. I feel like we were blessed to have an actual storyline for the music video with this song, Whew. I am a little obsessed.

Cherry Bullet – Love So Sweet

Very Twice inspired. I like it though. Way better than the Aloha song from last year. It has very fun beats reminiscent of their debut sound. Chaerin my queen. She’s such a performer!

Dreamcatcher – Odd Eye

They literally NEVER miss. So nice to see Handong back!


T1419 – 아수라발발타 (ASURABALBALTA)

T1419 is a South Korean-Japanese boy group under MLD Entertainment. They consist of 9 members: Noa, Sian, Kevin, Gunwoo, Leo, On, Zero, Kairi and Kio. They released a pre-debut single “Dracula” on October 27, 2020. They debuted on January 11th, 2021 with the 1st Single Album “BEFORE SUNRISE Part. 1“

I will be honest. I have already forgotten how they sound. It is weird that there wasn’t like 500 groups debuting this month. Maybe they all took a break?


Best Song: Golden Child – Burn It

See ya next month!

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