Battle of the B’s: Best B-Side Tracks – SEVENTEEN

Look at me! New year, who dis? Maybe so but I’m about to lay down some actual facts: Seventeen’s discography is damn there flawless. Yeah, I said it. There aren’t that many discographies in K-Pop that I can say that about. EXO being number one and then there is probably Seventeen. Picking their B-sides was hard because not only do they have great song’s as a full group, each unit knows how to throw it all down on a track. But instead of me going on and on, let’s see which stand out among the best.

17 Carat (Debut EP, 2015)

Shinning Diamond – For a second I thought that Shinning Diamond was the title track. But what I love about this song is that it has that classic boy band vibe from the 90’s and I’m here for it. It has a funky chorus and it’s just a fun song.

Boys Be (Second EP, 2015)

Rock – If the title of the song is any clue, the vibe of this song has a more rougher exterior. But it is how the song switches up genres that keeps the song interesting. Watch it for yourself below.

Love & Letter (First Studio Album, 2016)

Say Yes – As much as I am a sucker for some sick hip-hop beats and raps, it’s the vocals of Say Yes by DK and Seungkwan that make me fall in love with every time I listen to it. These falsettos give me chills each time.

Love & Letter Repackage (First Studio Album Repackage, 2016)

Simple – I love Woozi. So freaking much. So of course I’m going to pick the genius behind most Seventeen’s tracks as the best B-Side of this album. The solo track is good. Not only is the vocals good, it’s a good mid-tempo ballad.

Going Seventeen (Third EP, 2016)

Highlight – As a warning, most of the best B-Sides come from the Performance Team. Those are just the facts and this song is no exception. The pre-chorus build up that leads to the sick drop is legendary. Even without watching the video, you know that the performance is amazing from just listening to the song.

A|1 (Fourth EP, 2017)

Check In – This is the song that made me a Carat. This is just the hip-hop team and it is only on the physical version of the album. But it is so good that it really could have been a title track. I love it so much that Wonwoo’s verse has been my ringtone for over a year.

Swimming Fool – Another performance team track and it’s perfect for the summer. It’s fun and dancey and what you expect from them. A tropical style song that I can listen to over and over and not want to pluck my ears off.

Teen,Age (Second Studio Album, 2017)

Lilili Yabbay – I know I’m a broken record at this point but seriously, you can not get any better than this Performance Team song. It’s dramatic and just beautiful to listen and watch. I have no idea what the title means but who cares when you’re jamming out to it.

Director’s Cut (First Special Album, 2018)

Run To You – It is hard to be as good as Thanks but I really love this one because it sounds different than a lot of their other songs. It’s gives off an early 2000 alternative rock vibe and it makes me feel nostalgic in the best way. I could legit see this as the opening song for an anime. In love.

You Make My Day (Fifth EP, 2018)

Moonwalker – There is something comforting about an addicting hook and that is exactly what Moonwalker brings. It’s very club ready and when we get to the chorus, I can’t help but sing long with the repetitiveness of Moonwalker walker walker….

You Made My Dawn (Sixth EP, 2019)

Good To Me – I swore this was the lead track for the longest, that is how good it is. There is something about when all 13 members come together and everything hits perfectly. All the elements gel so well. From the trap raps to the harmonizing of the vocal team. Will always be my favorite off this EP.

An Ode (Third Studio Album, 2019)

Snap Shoot – I honestly could have picked any song off this album because it was so good. But I’m a sucker for a song with a gospel feel and that is definitely Snap Shoot. The song is just fun and uplifting. And when you add in the adorably shot MV by Mingyu while the group was on tour… the answer is yes.

Heng:garae (Seventh EP, 2020)

Kidult – This was one of the better albums from 2020 and this song is part of that. What I loved about this song the most was its lyrics and message. Because I too feel like a child/adult most times. Also what really makes this song great is that musically it’s so good. I just be in my room swaying my arms like I’m at a concert. It has that kinda vibe. And the high note at the end of the bridge… chills.

Semicolon (Second Special Album, 2020)

Do Re Mi – This album was so unique because you didn’t have your usual unit songs. Everything felt like a mash up and I really loved when the maknaes came together on this. It’s youthful and just plain fun. I love to just jam out to this one.

Your Choice (Eighth EP, 2021)

Heaven’s Cloud – I really love songs where the group feels like one unit and this is one of them. We get to hear the rap unit do some really nice singing and harmonies. It just comes across as an easy-to-listen-to song and does everything in its power to make you feel good. Soft boy concept with a matching song.

Attacca (Ninth EP, 2021)

To You – The thing with Seventeen’s songs is they all have the potential to be lead tracks. And this is another one. Again, the hip-hop unit is being more harmonizers than rappers but it works because their tones add dimension. I’m sorry, Woozi is just a genius for another hit like this.

Face the Sun (Fourth Studio Album, 2022)

DON QUIXOTE – What I love about Seventeen’s discography is nothing is expected. This song is just what I’m talking about. It gets you hyped and is the kind of song you would put on when you’re about to fuck shit up! And my baby Wonwoo helped write it!

Sector 17 (Fourth Studio Album Repackage, 2022)

CHEERS – When I tell you that this song has the whole fandom in a chokehold… whew. There is something about how unexpected this song is that everything about it is perfect. We get rapping Woozi and all of them just show WHY they are the leaders of Seventeen.

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