Monthly Roundup – February

Announcement time! This will be the last monthly roundup ever! *cue sad music* Starting next month, we will be alternating the Hit or Skip feature each week. It just seemed a little counterproductive to be doing the roundups when songs were already being covered weekly. It’s the end of a great era, but hey! I may do more actual album “reviews” now. So hahah your favs will still not be spared. Mwah! xx

I had a traumatic Feb 23rd that ended my Black History month in ruins. #IfYouKnowYouKnow


BIBI – Eat My Love

Initial: BiBi is the moment. I will not lie. Coming for Heize hag ass with her voice and bars. Give it up to this one. I love the way she says L O V E.

Now: L O V E.

Hyuna – Good Girl

Initial: Why does Hyuna shock me when I remember she can hold a note or two sometimes. Hahah. This is way better than I am Not Cool or whatever the other one was.

Now: Ok.

Kim Woo Seok – Sugar

Initial: So I actually heard this before watching the MV and I will not lie and say I wasn’t vibing. This shit is a bop. It’s on the K-Chill playlist on Spotfiy and whew.

Now: A bop! Listen to this while high.. You’re welcome.

Chungha – Bicycle

Initial: Very boy group in nature. High energy and performance. Full album review posted here: Querencia

Now: The performances have made me like this better.

Kang Daniel – Paranoia

Initial: Fuck. I was preparing to be shady but I like this. Ugh ughhhh ughhhhhhh. [insert a joke about how getting dumped has made his music better here]

Now: Yea this gets better every listen. Damn.

SUNMI – Tail

Initial: First of all, the music video is everything. Sunmi truly is a performer and we have to enjoy that to the fullest! Next is that this song is everything. It is giving me Miss A and I am stanning it.


Wonho – Lose


Now: N/A


CIX – Cinema

Initial: Please refer to CIX officially as EXO’s sons. No bad song ever?? Who else can relate?

Now: CIX covered LMR and I just wanna say that I am never wrong about anything.

Aespa – Forever

Initial: I don’t even remember their debut song so I won’t be remembering this one either. I suppose this is to prove they can hold a note? Good for them.

Now: Aespa down bad. Where’s RV?

Momoland x Chromance – Wrap Me In Plastic

Initial: Very pointless. At least the plastic surgery looks good.

Now: It kinda grew on me lmfao its so stupid.

GOT7 – Encore

Initial: Aw. Cute. Zzzzz.

Now: *Yawn*

SHINee – Don’t Call Me

Initial: Minho, if you’re reading this I am free on Thursday night. If you would like to hang out I am free on Thursday night when I am free to hang out. I am free to hang out on Thursday night so if you want to hang out on Thursday night I am free.

Now: Okay, but I really wanna suck Minho’s cock. Also I hate this song I have decided.

Wei – All Or Nothing

Initial: I met my noise quota for the month already. Sorry guys.

Now: N/A

ONF – Beautiful Beautiful

Initial: Oh. Look how they ate that up. They gave the budget and said be blessed. We love to see it. The bridge 😍 The hook 😍 Nahhh but this goes hard? Excuse me? DJ run it back!

Now: N/A

Golden Child – Breathe

Initial: Am I gonna have to start stanning Golden Child?? No I am too old for this shit. ffs. Stop with the good songs.

Now: N/A


Kim Myungsoo – Memory

Myungsoo of Infinite formerly of Woolim Entertainment is finally doing his solo release right before shipping off to the Marine Corps. It is actually funny because I really do know of Myungsoo the actor than I do the artist. Anyways, yall remember how he plagiarized his departure speech .. allegedly.. LOL. Good times.

Initial: What is with the snoozefest when going into the military? Zzzz.

Now: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


TRI.BE is a 7 member pre-debut girl group under TR Entertainment in Korea and Republic Records in the US and are co-produced by Shinsadong Horangi and Universal Music. The members are Songsun, Kelly, Jinha, Hyunbin, Jia, Soeun and Mire. So umm turns out I actually know Songsun and Hyubin because they were Banana Culture trainees. Interesting…

Initial: Sooo.. I was prepared to throw epic amounts of shade and be a mess, but umm… THIS SLAYS??? LISTEN… LISTEN… L I S T E N… This is a debut. It’s giving me ITZY fun and flare, but with actual vocals? Plus the instrumental is really fun?

Now: Blinks are made they stole Blackpink’s backdrop and song. Therefore, I shall be stanning cause I am petty and went through a traumatic event this week. It is fuck Blinks forever. mwah. Doom Doom Ta! Vida Loca!

Kingdom – Excalibur

KINGDOM is a Korean boy group under GF Entertainment. The group consists of Dann, Arthur, Mujin, Louis, Ivan, Jahan and Chiwoo. Unlike, I do not know a single person in this group lmfao.

Initial: Okay budget!! Do I like the music video more than the song? Yes. However, the song itself isn’t bad. I can see it growing because it has a style I vibe with well. Plus ugh the organs.

Now: I literally forgot everything about the song as soon as I am finished listening. I still think the concept is cool though.

I.M – God Damn

Im Changkyun from Monsta X finally debut as a soloist with a whole mini album. He’s released other stuff before but this is like his official debut I suppose. This makes sense as we know that it is about time for people to start enlisting.

Initial: This is nice and chill vibes. I like it. I haven’t listened to the mini as yet, but I definitely will now. Teehee.

Now: This really is just such a vibe.

PIXY – Wings

PIXY is a 6-member girl group under ALLART Entertainment and Happy Tribe Entertainment. The group consists of 6 members: Ella, Lola, Satbyeol, Dia, Sua, and Dajeong. Oh shiiitt.. Ella is Mirae from Cherry Bullet!!!

Initial: I thought this would’ve been more of a dark kind of Dreamcatcher concept, but no thanks. I blame Teddy for making noise choruses with girl groups acceptable tbh. Also I do not recognize Mirae?? HAHAHAH.

Now: N/A

Best Song: ONF – Beautiful Beautiful

Bye forever!

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