Hit It or Skip It – February 2021 Week 4

February has come to an end, as well as an era. If you didn’t see in Sugar Baby’s round up post, that was her last and she will be joining me in this Hit it or Skip it endeavor. We will be alternating weeks so you still get both of our opinions on the new releases. It will be fun to see how our tastes differ. But anyway, it seems like everyone and their cousin came out with songs the last week. But because KaKaoM and Spotify had some beef, 90% of K-Pop has been removed from its service so… way to end the month. Lets get into it!

N.FLYING J.DON “Clicker”

Was not expecting to like this as much as I did. It’s cute and funky and I can def see him doing stuff outside of N.FLYING for a while.

Huh! “uh-uh (feat. Kid Milli & Gaeko)”

This shit is FIRE! I live for a great k-hip hop track and this is one of them. One of the best verses Kid Milli has done in a while and then Gaeko fucked me up! In love.


Wasn’t sure I was going to like this but damn it’s sexy and the MV is wow. Sunmi is a queen and there is no disputing it.

ONF “My Name Is”

I don’t know why I blanked out and didn’t include this in last week’s list but I have to put it now because I love it and it is a perfect pre-release because it’s fun, cute and explains who ONF is!

ONF ” Beautiful Beautiful”

With that said, THIS IS SO GOOD! It’s a dance, pop track that puts you in a good mood. Y’all need to stop sleeping on ONF because they are killing it with these two songs.

ATO6 “Runway”

For a bunch of models, they aren’t that cute. But this song is good. I was surprised that YG KPLUS made a group and they could actually put out something worth wild.

Pentagon’s Yeo One “Begin Again”

This is so sweet. Reminds me of 80’s ballads and for some reason makes me really nostalgic and also makes me miss a full Pentagon.

Golden Child “Breathe”

I’m a sucker for a retro sound and a good MV storyline. This song has both of those things. GC has been bringing their A game since RTK. Good job boys.

BIG Naughty “Joker (feat. JAMIE)

This is jazzy and I’m loving the vibe. I didn’t even think these two would mash well but on this kind of song it is great.


You can’t tell me this isn’t a commercial for this boy’s onlyfans. He is in the business of making every thing he does ooze sex. This song, MV, the air…. SEX.

CL “Wish You Were Here”

This song feels so personal and it’s so beautiful. Having lost my own mother, I know her pain. I feel like I needed this song and didn’t even know I did. So thank you CL for being brave enough to share your grief with us.

Park Moonchi, Young K “What a Wonderful World”

I love this! It’s a cute song and Brian’s voice is so soulful. I need a full solo album from him ASAP.

SHINee “Don’t Call Me”

The disappointment in this is so real. Heart Attack was robbed of its title track status.

WEi “All or Nothing”

I wanted to like this but it was not it. It was noisy in the worst way. The song basically had sounds that did nothing. Their debut was way better even if it sounded like another song.

PIXY “Wings”

As far as debut’s go, this wasn’t bad. Where they went wrong was basically taking a Blackpink song and redoing it. Concept isn’t bad, just the song has a been there done that feel.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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