Whatcha Watchin’ – March 8th: Women’s History Month

Happy Women’s History month, but also it is extended Black history so like they said on Twitter. It is Melanated March as well. Hehehe. I heard the Grammys are on the 14th. So that’s fun.

Sugar Baby Unnie

So.. idk guys. I said March was going to be better, but have I really been better? The answer is no. Haha. Anyways… Good day in my mind, safe to take a step out 🎵


Hello, Me: This drama is forreal giving me everything! I am enjoying so much about this. From the acting, to the writing. I have been laughing so much.

Storm Eye: This show is oddly so addictive?? I planned on just watching four episodes and then writing a first impressions but I am all caught up on the viki subbed episodes. ahahah. I really thought it was gonna be boring as hell but I am so entertained.

Love Unexpected: This is a cute drama. I am just about at the finish line.

My Heroic Husband: THIS IS SO FUNNY. I want better subs.

Test Dramas


Rattan: Hello! Another drama with my man. The latest trailer looked so damn good. A modern fantasy shuffling through timelines? Also pretty sure he will be a simp.

He Is Psychometric: Did I ever mention this in any of the previous Whatcha Watchin’? If no, then I just want you to know this is a buddy watch with Nat since I didn’t survive Lost Romance.

Word of Honor: I have to watch it yall. I heard it was super! Way gayer than The Untamed and honestly, I am here for it so I gotta give it a go.

Lazy Unnie

I feel like I’m in a weird place with dramas. I want to watch shows but also at the same time I don’t know what I’m looking for in shows. It’s a weird place to be, so I find myself starting a bunch of shows and not sticking with any of them.


Hello, Me! – At least this one is sticking. I legit recommend it to any and everyone. It’s a hard one to explain but once you get into it, you’re stuck. I find myself really loving the acting and the dynamic of all the characters. I wait anxiously for Wednesdays and Thursdays, just so I can watch the new episodes.

Lovevstruck in the City – I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this when I started. I had heard it was slow and boring. However, I’m enjoying it a lot. I like how the format is somewhat breaking the 4th wall and how the characters don’t fit the typical stereotypes.

The Uncanny Counter – I’m still watching this but I have to admit, I’ve taken a break because I am in the mood for a really good rom-com.

The Greatest Love – I started this randomly and even though it’s an older drama, I am kinda liking the absurdity of it. I really tend to love dick main leads and that is exactly what I’m getting. But I hear there is a big love triangle in this. I’m not looking forward to that.

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