Whatcha Watchin’ – May 17 – Fourth Stimmy, please…

We feel like mid May came in the blink of an eye. Spring has sprung with pollen everywhere and the heat is trying to catch up with a vengeance. Let’s check out what the unnies have been watching!

Sugar Baby Unnie

I have been so swamped with work that watching dramas was a little hard. I did complete a few dramas off my list since the last time, but I have also not touched any of my ‘on the radar’ list from last time. So yeah.. those dramas are still all on the radar. I will be better once works slows down! I promise.


Love Scenery: I am very close to completing this one and it’s honestly just so sweet? Lin Yi, call me.

No Boundary: In total transparency, I haven’t watched any new episodes since the last time. Sorry. The new season has premiered though!

Lazy Unnie

I have a problem. I can’t stop starting airing dramas! And on top of that, I am constantly looking for dramas to watch and re-watch. Since I’ve been slacking with the music aspect of things, dramas are taking their place.


Sell Your Haunted House – I really want to figure this show out. I am also waiting for the romance to take an inch in the right direction but the slow burn is nice. I don’t know what to expect from the second half of this but I still love it.

So I Married the Anti-Fan – Obsessed. It’s feeding my romantic comedy need. I don’t wanna say the leads have an amazing chemistry with each other but it’s cute to watch.

Vincenzo – This came back to bite me in the ass. I am loving it now but I would love it even more if the episodes weren’t taking years away from my life. Why is it an hour and a half?!

Doom at Your Service – If you haven’t seen my first impression… do it here. But yeah, I started this. Lets see if I stick with it long enough to understand what’s going on.

Use for My Talent – Since I watched the original, I knew I wanted to check this out and see if it gave me the same feels as that. It is! Maybe not as strong but I’m really liking Jasper Liu as this mysophobe.


High School Rapper 4 – GIVE ME THE SUBS

Kingdom: Legendary War – Now my babies have to be quarantined because of a dancer. But I just want this show to end because the emotional strain is hurting everyone.

On Deck

Imitation – I really want to start this but because it’s legit one episode a week is WACK!

Taxi Driver – I’m coming for you Jehoon.

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