Hit It or Skip It – May 2021 Week 3

Sorry for the lateness but this week was one of the hardest because everyone decided to release good music.

fromis_9 “We Go”

I was shocked I liked this as much because I don’t fucks with fromis_9 but these little girls delivered a nice summer bop.

Taemin “Advice”

Of course Taemin had to give us a bop before his enlistment. This is now a new genre, haunting hip-hop.


I wasn’t a fan of their debut as much but even though this is in the same wheelhouse, this hits better. This makes for a great summer song to get you dancing.


Even though this is a second single from their latest release, it needed its time to shine because it’s soooo good! Their concepts are a little avantgarde but this chorus gets me!

PIXY “Let Me Know”

This sounds like a CLC song and I should be mad at it but I ain’t. It slaps.

Rocket Punch “Ring Ring”

I’m a sucker for retro beats and this is like watching an episode of stranger things. I vibe.


This is a good solid debut. I am loving their dancehall vibe and really excited to see what else they bring.

BTS “Butter”

This was SO close to being a skip but it grew on me like a fungus. I like it way better than Dynamite, but I am still wishing for a simpler time like Love Yourself Era.

TO1 “Son of Beast”

This was also close to being a skip but the chorus saved it. I love the word play and the subtle new jack swing sound. I’m liking the reinventing themselves now.

Heize “Happen”

I didn’t know if I would like this because I like her as a feature more sometimes. But this song definitely grows and the MV is really cute.

aespa “Next Level”

If only they would have split this song into two different ones, I would have at least liked the second one.

YUQI “Bonnie & Clyde”

I love her tone but I just wish the song was better. It’s annoyingly boring.

E’LAST U “The Beginning of Spring”

I didn’t even realize this was a sub-unit until mad late. It’s not terrible but I’ve heard better things from the group as a whole, this just felt a little flat.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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