Hit It or Skip It – May 2021 Week 4

So there’s a clear as day winner for this week considering there weren’t many options anyways. EVERGLOW SUPREMACY.

Gaho ‘Rush Hour’

This is giving me such chill vibes. I love when the electric guitar comes in for the choruses. It’s very fun.



EVERGLOW DOES NOT EVER MISS! BEEN LIGHTING IT UP SINCE DEBUT. HIT AFTER HIT. Teddy needs to sneak into theier recording booth.

GWSN ‘Like It Hot’

They are very consistent with their songs and we appreciate that. The chorus is everything.

Taeho (ft. Choi Ye Gun) ‘GGOMA’

I am not really familiar with IMFACT, but I can always appreciate when a boy group member makes a solo debut and it isn’t broody and moody.

Wonwoo x Mingyu (ft. Lee Hi) ‘Bittersweet’

Lee Hi saved this. UgH.

Weeekly ‘Tension Up’

This is for an ad but it still is a bop so what now?

Hong Dae Kwang ‘Step With Me’

I fell asleep five times while listening to this.

Joy ‘Je t’aime’

She sounds amazing. However, I will not be listening to this more than once. I am already sleepy enough.

Woo!ah! ‘Purple’

I was vibing until the chorus tbh. You just gotta give me time to get used to this and then maybe I will like it.. For now it is a no.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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