Hit It or Skip It – June 2021 Week 3

June is basically showing up with the releases. Sugar Baby Unnie said to me that this year is proving to be one of the best since 2017… this week shows that she might be on to something.

UP10TION “Spin Off”

I expected to not like this but the way they gave me old school SHINee vibes, I started to love it.

Woodie Gochild “JACKSON (Feat.CHANGMO)”

This slaps! And the MV is a cinematic wetdream for me. I love Sin City and it was great. The song is catchy.

ONEWE “Rain To Be”

I love a EDM house banger with nice vocals and that’s what I get with this collab. No idea what they’re selling but I’m buying it. Think it’s about the planet.

ILLBOI x Wonstein x Mirani “Heat”

Give me a Bruno Mars style beat with these three anyday!

BamBam “riBBon”

I love how cute this is. It’s nice for the summer and really shows BamBam’s musical color.

Yugyeom “All Your Fault (Feat. Gray)”

On the flipside of BamBam, this is dark and sexy. And I love how Gray and Yugeyom seem to compliment each other vocally.

Brave Girls “Chi Mat Ba Ram”

Ladies came to give us summer bop! Not as addicting and amazing as Rollin’ but I will take this over some others’ summer song *cough* Twice *cough*

Wayv’s Kun & Xiaojun “Back to You”

Pretty sure I fell asleep midway through this song, however, I love Xiaojun’s vocals. So it was hard to put this in the skip this week.

SEVENTEEN “Ready to Love”

I love Seventeen and their discography but something about this song feels like it’s lacking.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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