Hit It or Skip It – July 2021 Week 2

Umm so this week gave and it also taketh away. I am gonna be honest with you all, the BTS release ruined my week. I just don’t understand who in that recording booth sat down and listened to that and said, “Yep this is the one y’all.” Sighs… Whatever fortunately, we were blessed with more than halfway decent songs to help counteract that.

SF9 ‘Tear Drop’

Felt like I haven’t enjoyed a SF9 title in so longgg. omg this is giving!!


Okay seee… now this has some flavor!!

Taeyeon ‘Weekend’

Taeyeon, stop touching her face.. anyways. Day to night to morning

Yebin ‘Yes I Know’

It’s like giving me IUxBOL4 bootleg but oddly satisfying??

GIRLKIND ‘Good Vibes Only’

Easy. Breezy. Summer.

Moon Jong Up ‘Us’

I am digging the overall vibe of this. The chorus is very catchy.

ASH ISLAND,GroovyRoom ‘Carabiner’

The difference between an acceptable autotune and an unacceptable one is present in this post..

Minzy ‘Te Amo’

Your average run of the mill tropical house vibes. Summer vibes.

The Boyz ‘Drink It’

One day I will learn a The Boyz member name that isn’t Juyeon… today is not that day.

DAY6 (Even of Day) ‘Right Through Me’

I like Wonpil but like this isn’t giving :/


Hyuna(lite). I literally can’t stand this girl’s vocal tone.

NELL ‘Glow in the dark’

The guitar riffs are amazing but when would I ever listen to this again?

KYUHYUN ‘Together’

Is Kyuhyun broke? Like he aint rest since he came back from war.

Mad Monster ‘Along Came Beautiful Nuna’

idk who but someone owes me money for listening to this

Choi Woo Sik (Feat. Peakboy) ‘Poom’

Woosiksi I adore ya but this isn’t a funeral.

BTS ‘Permission to Dance’

I have so much to say about this tbh but imma keep it cute. Perhaps, this would be the wake up call.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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One thought on “Hit It or Skip It – July 2021 Week 2

  1. I won’t say anything about the song itself, but I’d like to know who gave the mixing on PTD a stamp of approval.

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