Hit It or Skip It – September 2021 Week 2

Sorry this is a day late but I was hella exhausted after spending the weekend working a Sci-Fi convention and who has time to listen to k-pop when surrounded by a bunch of fun and interesting people? Anyway, some bops were dropped, some were not. But it seemed like the ladies ruled. See what caught my attention this week.


I don’t know why they remind me of GFRIEND but with a personality. But this actually is a good release.

Sungmin “Goodnight, Summer”

I didn’t know what to expect from him but this wasn’t it. It’s a nice bluesy jazzy track that is perfect for an end of summer evening.

Baek A Yeon “‘0%(아무것도 하기 싫으면 어떡해)”

Something about this song just feels so good. Gives me IU vibes but better.




This was gonna be a skip but after a couple listens, it grew on me. potential for sure.

HyunA & DAWN “Ping Pong”

I love when they come together musically but visually they make me question everything. Love the song, not the MV.

LeeHi “Red Lipstick (feat. Yoon Mirae)”

When I tell you I love everything about this song and MV, I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT! The princess of AOMG is killing it.


They bait and switched me in the best way. I was about to put in skip and then the ballad switched and became a bop! I like this as a debut.


A very chill song and cute MV.

DAY6’s Young K “Guard You”

I love Young K’s voice but the song just feels flat from beginning to end.

Blackpink’s Lisa “LALISA”

I actually don’t hate this song. I actually like it. However, this isn’t a solo debut. This is a Blackpink song without the rest of the members.


The title actually explains my feeling on this song.

MGX “Painted÷LOVE:)”

I know everyone is trying to be different but this didn’t hit in the chorus like I was hoping it would.


Just too corny for me. Glad this is a one off single and not an album.

Favorite SOTW:

Second Favorite SOTW:

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2 thoughts on “Hit It or Skip It – September 2021 Week 2

  1. It went really well! I love working and going to conventions. It was different because of all the covid precautions but still a lot of fun. Now I have an urge to watch Star Trek Discovery cause of it.

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