Hit It or Skip It – September 2021 Week 3

There were a lot of people that released this week, but like no one of importance to me personally. So if I missed someone that you wanna know my thoughts on, tell me in the comments. I went with the more known artists.


ATEEZ ‘Deja Vu’

Remember when I was slowly becoming an Atiny, but then Kingdom happened? Well they’re forgiven now… I still don’t know any of the members though.

LeeHi, Wonstein ‘H.S.K.T’

Caught a vibe~

Mamamoo ‘mumumuch’

Honestly idk their last release but I just know I like the vibe of this one better. At least they’re not calling me the n word like that other one.

Yang Da II, Bumkey ‘Home’

Bumkey’s voice is just so unf

Monday Kiz ‘Us during that moment’

I am many things and hypocrite is one. Yes I said Young K was boring but like umm there’s emotion here whereas he had none. K? bye..

Young K ‘come as you are’

I needed a cure for my insomnia anyways..

Wonho ‘Blue’

It’s not bad or anything, I’ll probably end up liking it a lot later. I just don’t like that he looks like a super white man in this video.

NCT 127 ‘Sticker’

Someone give me a gun to unalive myself, pls. Funny enough the album does have bangers though but ofc this was chosen as the title track. I wanna die.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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