Whatcha Watchin’ – November 29th – Deck The Halls

It’s that time again. Already toward the end of the year and so much is upon us. Gonna miss November but I’m ready for 2021 to be done with.

Sugar Baby Unnie

I am in a weird place with dramas. So many I am watching but I don’t care enough to mention them, Eep. Oh well…..


The King’s Affection: Sadly, I am behind on this but, I am working on it!

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim: The only thing I’m actually liking is Park Seo Joon..

Renascence: Almost done.

Dear Diary: The concept here is so funny! Hahah. I am enjoying so far.

Lazy Unnie

I had good momentum and then started to slack. So I didn’t really start nor finish anything.


  • The King’s Affection – I’m not caught up but I’m making my way through.
  • Let Me Be Your Knight – I really hate that this is one episode a week because it’s actually really cute to watch.
  • Hellbound – This is a weird one but I’m still invested.


  • LOUD – I’m buddy watching this and there is just something oddly comforting about watching artists find their way. Even if the evil house elf JYP is there.
  • SMTM10 – Time for another season of KHH’s version of nepotism and I’m here for it. As Sugar Baby Unnie would say, time for the niggaboos to shine.

On Deck

  • Happiness – I’m not actually interested in this show but I just wanna see Park Hyungshik fine ass.
  • Secret Royal Inspector & Joy – Another one I’m not really interested but the leads are faves, so a chance is on the horizon.
  • Now, We Are Breaking Up – So basically Song Hye Kyo is destined to play noona romances for the rest of her career? I’ll give it a chance.

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