Hit It or Skip It – January 2022 Week 4

This might be the worst January in KPOP ever. Where are the bops? Damn…. 2022 better come correct next month.

BLACKSWAN ‘Get Up (Remix)’

TBH I have no idea how the original sounds, but Fatou looks pretty and so I am obligated to stream so she can have food to eat.

Pentagon ‘Feelin’ Like’

It’s a vibe! ~

Yein ‘Plus n Minus’

It’s boring, but the cuteness and hook won me over in the end…

Def. ‘Sunset With You’

I am a weak woman.

Nature ‘Rica Rica’

There are parts I like and parts I really really dislike.. We shall see how I feel in a few days…

KYUHYUN ‘Love Story’

I just know he throws up crying whenever they tell him to sing the Suju songs… LMFAO

Wanna One ‘Beautiful (Part 3)’

Wanna One the cockroaches of KPOP they will survive an apocalypse. Ain’t yall disbanded?…

IU, Kang Seungwon ‘Mother Nature’


B.M ‘LIE (Lost In Euphoria)’

Is J.Seph coming back soon?

RAVI ft. JUSTHIS ‘Virus’

One thing about Ravi.. he gonna make a song.. who is his audience? idk but he keeps releasing shit and I can only hope my favorites can have this much ambition.

Favorite SOTW: N/A

Least Favorite SOTW: N/A

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