First Impressions: Memory of Encaustic Tile

I have this theory that Yukee refuses to star in a show where she is from the current decade and Lin Yi refuses to play a character that isn’t a stoic genius student. They have yet to prove me wrong.

Memory of Encaustic Tile

Genre: Life, Romance, Youth
Origin: China
Episodes: 34
Air-date: Jan 26, 2022 – Feb 24, 2022
Starring: Chen Yu Qi as Shao Xue, Lin Yi as Zheng Su Nian, Yan Zi Dong as Zhang Qi

Shao Xue, Zheng Su Nian, and Zhang Qi are childhood friends who have grown up together. Their parents all work (or have worked) in the antique and museum trade, dedicating their lives to conserving priceless cultural artifacts. But as they get older, the friends’ lives start to take different turns, and their feeling toward one another start to change.

Zheng Su Nian’s mother, who has a great influence on both her son and Shao Xue, becomes dangerously ill. While for Zheng Su Nian, the loss of his mother will mean that he must take up her mantle, for Shao Xue, it inspires her to broaden her horizons, even if that means moving away from the neighborhood and friends she is so familiar with. She has secret feelings for Zheng Su Nian, who has also secretly been in love with her for some time. But Zhang Qi – whose true talent lies not with antiques but mathematics – also has feelings for Shao Xue. When he gets the chance to pursue his studies abroad, the trio comes to a crossroads in their young lives. Can love really be shunted to the sidelines so easily? Or will Cupid have something to say about the matter?


Thoughts: Currently there are 12 episodes that have aired out of the 34 which means we aren’t even at the halfway mark yet.. I have only watched four (4) thus far because I generally believe that 4 – 10 episodes of a cdrama are the amount that gives the real general idea of a story. I had no expectations going into this drama, like at all and I came out pleasantly surprised. I like Yukee, and I like Lin Yi, so I figured sure I would give it a view. Then I saw the trailer that Youku released and I was like, wait—this actually looks pretty cute. I thought this would be a drama that I would watch in between other stuff but imagine my surprise when I found myself laughing up a storm during the first episode. I love our little gang and I can’t wait to see where this story goes. I’m not even bothered by the focus on the adults because it really adds to the charm of the show. The cast chemistry is excellent! There’s some complaints that Yukee is too old to play this role which tbqh I think they all look old to be playing 15 year olds, however, I find that she does make Shao Xue feel younger with the kind of exaggerated cuteness and it is a nice change of pace to what I have seen her in. I also am really enjoying Yan Zi Dong. I hope that we don’t get to an ugly part with the triangle and even the inevitable breakup to reunite, I hope won’t get too exhausting. I look forward to where my journey with this show takes me.

Recommendations: If you’re into slice of life dramas, don’t mind dubbing or into the Reply series.

Where To Watch: Viki, Youku

First Impression Score: 8/10

Until Next Time! xx

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2 thoughts on “First Impressions: Memory of Encaustic Tile

  1. ..well, well, well…what have we got here? i have been waiting for a cdrama to accompany the fond memories of all time favourites like A love less ordinary or Put your head on my shoulder just to mention two…and of course Go Ahead which has been the last slice of life cdrama that i could bring myself to recommend to others…
    I will wait for the full episodes to be available though…i reckon this requires a binge watching session or i will drop it…
    In the interest of condivision of good dramas I cannot remember if you mentioned watching Rainless Love in Godless land? taiwan dramas can be really high quality and this one is it…and the ost is to die for! Anyway if you haven’t seen it give it a try. Ciao dall’Italia! Cristina

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