Lazy Unnie’s Couch: Bad Buddy

Ever since they were young, Pran and Pat’s families had a deep and raging rivalry — trying to one-up each other on everything. This also extended towards their sons. Comparing their sons’ achievements and merits, whether it be academic or extracurricular — the two families left no stones unturned to outshine and gloat in front of the other. It was almost like rivalry was passed down as a family heirloom and the two boys became rivals as well. Until… they grew tired and became friends. Really good friends. However, because of their families’ rivalry, their friendship had to be kept under wraps. And so began a journey of secret friendship… and then perhaps a sweet secret romance?

  • Starring: Nanon | Ohm | Love | Milk | Jimmy | Drake
  • Episodes: 12 (55 mins.)
  • Aired: October 29, 2021 – January 21, 2022
  • Network: GMM 25
  • Where to Watch: Youtube

On the surface, this is an enemy to lovers BL drama. I can close my eyes and I’d hit 20 of those. What makes Bad Buddy stand out from the crowd is there aren’t any contrite reasons for drama and out-of-pocket resolutions. There isn’t really any toxic behavior besides from their parents. The relationship between Pat and Pran is actually (eventually) healthy and supportive.

I’m very particular when it comes to my BL’s but the chemistry between these two leads was undeniable. Maybe it’s because they were friends, to begin with, but all of the choices they made for the characters felt organic and that made things more enjoyable. The things I really loved about the characters and the story as a whole was how regardless of what was set up by the parent’s foolishness and even Pat and Pran’s respective friend groups, fate found a way and they were destined to be together.

Even though it was a very classic trope of enemies to lovers, what I liked was they weren’t really enemies but more of a driving force for each other. Because of the feud that their parents created, Pat and Pran always strived to be better than each other. In turn, making them the better versions of themselves. Pat’s character could have easily been very one-dimensional, that meathead that really wasn’t in touch with his feelings. But what Ohm did with Pat was miles of what I expected. Pat was very aware of his feelings and wanted to be that for Pran. I think that is why it came time for their first kiss… it was truly one of the best ever. You could see between the two that it was like each one of them was finally breathing for the first time because it was them together. It felt as it was that satisfying feeling when two magnets who had been fighting the magnetic pull finally came together and just fit. I seriously watched that scene several times because it was seriously the best I had ever seen.

If Pat and Pran were the sun, Pat’s sister Phu and Pat’s “crush” Ink, were the moon and stars. I loved that this show actually had a GL storyline. Could it have been more? Yes! But it was really nice to see. Both actresses are now my favorites and I need a side story of their love. And I really enjoyed the supporting cast as well. Even though I wanted to kick Wai’s ass for the shady shit he did. But you’ll just have to watch to see what it is.

As of right now, this is my favorite BL and I will hold every other BL to this standard. Point, Blank, PERIODT!

Acting: 9.5/10
Story: 9.5/10
Music: 9/10
Overall: 9/10

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