First Impressions: Cutie Pie

BL? Check. Arranged Marriage? Intrigued.

Cutie Pie

The sons of two companies were engaged to each other. One doesn’t want an arranged marriage while the other wants to win him over! Meet Hia Lian and Kuea Keerati soon.

  • Genre : Comedy, Romance, BL
  • Origin : Thailand
  • Episodes : 12 (1 hr.)
  • Aired : February 19 – April 23, 2022
  • Where To Watch : Youtube
  • Starring : Zee | NuNew | Max | Nat

Thoughts: This show caught my eye from me searching tumble tags. First thing that made me turn my head was how devestingly attractive Zee was. I wanted to know more! So I read the description and it’s an arranged marriage trope for a BL! I had never seen that before. Watching the first two episodes, I’m more intrigued about the dynamic between the two leads. This would be my second drama where the leads knew each other as children and decided AS CHILDREN that this person was it for them. I don’t want to throw that whole trope out but it does make me raise a brow. I do like how they are “engaged” because it feels different. I also like that Kuea has this whole duality thing going on. I live for a “love them as their true self” trope that is obviously gonna happen.

Are You Still Watching? : Zee what have thee done to me?

First Impression Score: 7/10

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