Whatcha Watchin’ – March 7th – Far and Away

Although February is over, we’re still celebrating Black History Month simply because this last one was ass. You’re welcome. PS. Love a Black woman from infinity to infinity.

Sugar Baby Unnie

I am not in a watching mood lately. Is it because I just feel like reading instead or what? Idk but yeah idk.



Goong: Thailand trip is next episode. Um Chae Kyung, can you please STAND UP??

Thirty-Nine: Every episode I be crying. It’s like I literally cannot stop. Might as well make good use of these tear ducks I guess.

Love Is Sweet: Hard to believe that my queen self has never watched this but I finally did after savoring it for so long. This drama is very dumb, but honestly, the chemistry makes up for literally everything.

Why Women Love: Every episode I am laughing because this is truly crack. No plot, just vibes ~

On Deck

Crazy Love: It looks pretty, I’ll give it a try.

Girl Next Room: Midnight Fantasy: You know what time it is.

Lazy Unnie

How in the hell am I watching so much and nothing at the same time?! I feel like I could be watching so much more.


  • F4 (Thailand) – I want it to end and not end at the same time because I need all the things to happen.
  • Forecasting Love & Weather – I still hate the second leads and I want to punch them but it is enjoyable to see Song Kang fall first for old girl.
  • Twenty-Five Twenty-One – I love the progression of this for some reason. And I’m def here for the sports.
  • Goong – For this to be the first job for both leads, I’m really impressed.
  • Cutie Pie – I actually like the twist of it being two guys in an arranged marriage. I will stick with it.
  • A Business Proposal – It is corny as hell but I love it already. I can’t wait for more silly shit to happen.
  • Manner of Death – I loved the MaxTul dynamic in Together With Me. So now I see it with murder thrown in.


  • Semantic Error – Who knew Korea can make an actual good BL? This is cute and I have to say for idol actors, they’re both holding their own and making these characters believable.
  • Failing in Love – This is short and I keep getting distracted but it’s actually a nice spin on friends to lovers trope.

On Deck

  • Not Me – This is really one I’m dying to start but I don’t want to until it’s done done.

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