Hit It or Skip It – March 2022 Week 2

Not much going on this week in terms of big hitters. I couldn’t find a proper youtube link for Sunmi’s song and her performance video was on mute so like I just didn’t include it here. I did like the song though as it was easy to listen to which is the overall theme for the week. Easy to listen to and catch a vibe for the most part.

Kim Woo Seok ‘Switch’

Easy to listen to. Nothing special.

Rolling Quartz ‘Delight’

Oh yes! I love this! More KRock Girl Bands!! Pls and thanks.

TAN ‘Du Du Du’

A really good debut. Wow. Pleasantly surprised.

Jay Park (ft. IU) ‘GANADARA’

Okay a few things.. 1. Couldn’t help but think about how people say that Baby Shark R&B remix song is something Jay would sing when I heard this. 2. IU really do collab with any and everybody. 3. I love this MV and the song. ugh. you win this round short man.

Weeekly ‘Ven para’

Song isn’t bad, but I don’t like the final chorus and I am bitter overall cause I get switching up but you were doing something different and now you decided to be regular?

Park Bom (ft. Kim Min Seok of Melomance) ‘Flower’

She looks good and sounds excellent. However, I cannot deny my boredom.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW: N/A

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