Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Thirty-Nine


Genre: Life, Romance, Friendship, Drama
Origin: South Korea
Episodes: 12
Air-date: Feb 16, 2022 – Mar 24, 2022
Starring: Son Ye Jin as Cha Mi Jo, Jeon Mi Do as Jeong Chan Young, Kim Ji Hyun as Jang Joo Hee

Leaning on each other through thick and thin, a trio of best friends stand together as they experience life, love and loss on the brink of turning 40.

Cha Mi Jo is the head dermatologist of a clinic in Gangnam. She is a warm character who grew up in a wealthy environment with a caring family and everything she could wish for.

Jung Chan Young dreamed of becoming an actress but ended up becoming an acting teacher instead. Although her way of speaking may seem blunt and harsh, the sincerity in her words makes her a character impossible to hate.

Jang Joo Hee is a department store cosmetics manager. Due to her timid personality, she has yet to really experience a romantic relationship.


Okay so just deal with reviews being late okay? Ok. Now, this drama was actually really good and while I did feel like the last episode kinda didn’t work the way the screenwriter and director wanted it to, I still found that when I sat with this drama, I truly enjoyed it.

It has been a while since we’ve been blessed with a drama that was clearly very well thought out and carefully acted. The storyline was pretty straightforward and we are told right from the beginning who was going to pass away and the sense of dread kinda carried its way with you the viewer through the drama. However, I am getting ahead of myself with that one. Something that I really liked about this drama was that the characters were allowed to feel their emotions and react to things in the moment. I feel like we don’t often see that with dramas and crying is often used for comedic effect most times. All three women showed a type of strength that I think is so beautiful to see. In this drama, I felt like we actually got see who these characters were and they felt like very real people.

I thought the cast had a beautiful chemistry and synergy with each other which is required when a drama has as many themes as this one did. It was lovely seeing the ups and down. A bitch bawled, laughed and cried some more. My biggest complaint with this drama sans the final episode, is the fact that we had yet another trio of friendship where one is terminally ill. I know these things are real life, but why couldn’t this drama have just been about these three girls and navigating the last year of their 30s? Why did it have to become a bucket list esque drama with death as the lurker? Is it too much to ask for just good vibes?

All in all though, like I said, the good outweighed the bad. This drama served and I enjoyed it immensely. I wouldn’t rewatch simply cause I do not want to cry anymore, but I would recommend.

Story: 8/10
Acting: 10/10
Music: 8/10
Rewatch Value: 7/10
Overall: 8.5/10

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