Hit It or Skip It – July 2022 Week 1

Hello! Yes, this is not a figment of your imagination. This is a new post in like, a month? Maybe the combination of vacations, depression, or maybe picking BTS as a song of the week broke us. But either way, I’m going to tackle the first week of July’s new music. And maybe the universe said fuck you and gave me all the things.

T1419 “When the sun goes down”

I always forget who they are but this time I am liking this summer vibe. Also, it’s in Spanish so cheating? Don’t care.

Heize “Super Car”

My adult alternative soul lives for this kind of song.

Heize “Distance feat. I.M of MONSTA X”

It is magic when Heize collabs with rappers. And this is no different. Mellow vibe.


Was not expecting this from them but it’s upbeat and adorkable. Catchy song. The bridge might be my favorite part.


As basically a GFriend anti, it hurts my soul to like this. It’s so groovy and catchy. I guess I’m in my basic bitch era.

Kang Daniel “Don’t Tell feat. Jessi”

Daniel be on his BDE when he links up with rappers and this is a grown and sexy vibe. Go KD

SVT Leaders “CHEERS”



They are so underrated. They remind me of a young BlockB with this song. It’s fun hip hop. I adore them and this song.

aespa “Girls”

This goes so hard! I still can’t tell you who they are but the talent is there. I love the rough sound with the sweet vocals.

ENHYPEN “Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)”

Visually good but I can’t listen to this song past the first chorus.

WJSN “Last Sequence”

I wanted to love it but I was bored halfway through the song. Good vocals tho.


This is a no not because the song is bad. It’s actually cute and good. It’s just poorly mixed/produced and I can’t listen to it more than once.

Favorite SOTW:

Second Favorite SOTW:

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One thought on “Hit It or Skip It – July 2022 Week 1

  1. Finally someone who enjoyed #MOOD too! I said the same thing about them giving me Block B vibes so I’m glad I wasn’t making things up in my head LOL.

    I wasn’t initially that enthusiastic about Cheers but that god forsaken Hoshi hip choreo had me going back… and back… and back… for more LMAO.

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