Hit It or Skip It – September 2022 Week 3

We have a great habit of disappearing but guess what, we’re tired of being gone! Yes, we are slowly but surely coming back to y’all and that includes listening to music lately! Not gonna lie, K-Pop has been a bit boring lately, but let’s hope they wake up just as we are.


The switch up in the second verse almost made me put this in the no column but it wasn’t bad and both sides of the song work. And that dance break bridge is fire


Giving me old school girl group vibes that I have missed. Kinda like EXID and such.

Simon Dominic, Loco, Woo, Coogie “TTFU”

Kboo or not, this shit a bop. AOMG daddies doing it for me

JAY B “go UP”

This was completely unexpected but I freaking loved this for him. It’s funky, fun, and just a different side fo Jay B. Well done.

Crush “Rush Hour feat. J-Hope of BTS”

This is so good my soul feels revitalized now that Crush is back. Crush has bars on top of vocals. Fun and a nice vibe.

Lay Zhang “VEIL”

We’ve come a long way since Sheep. I love this bad bitch vibe he’s giving. And he is just showing how good of an artist he is.

CRAXY “Butterfly”

Giving me early Dreamcatcher vibes and I like it.

Lapillus “GRATATA”

Dollar General version of a BlackPink song basically. Sprinkled with some annoying rapping.


This just ain’t it for me. Kinda sounds like a TVXQ song but without the good vocals.

Favorite SOTW:

Second Favorite SOTW:

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