Whatcha Watchin’ – October 3rd- The Conjuring

Fall is here and the summer was a figment of our imaginations.

Sugar Baby Unnie

I am watching things and I HAVE watched things.



A Romance of the Little Forest: I’m on episode 11 and I love the chemistry between Bin Bin and Esther so much wow. Didn’t expect this at all. I LOATHE the second male lead. How dare you lie about being disabled??

The Blue Whisperer: If you listened to my podcast and heard me praising this just know that the I take it all back now. We’re on episode 10 and I am annoyed by this current arc. Wrap it up.

On Deck

Soundtrack #1: I swear imma watch this.

Couple of Mirrors: I missed sapphic september, so let’s give this a go. Also, I may have a little crush on Zhang Nan since I saw her in Royal Feast.

Lazy Unnie

Honestly, if it ain’t The Handmaid’s Tale or Going Seventeen, I’ve had a hard time focusing enough to watch. These somehow made the cut.


  • Love In Contract – The concept is amazing and I really am guessing how this is going to play out. Even with Park Min Young’s new face.
  • The Law Cafe – I needed a rom-com and this was delivered. Suspicious Partner vibes and I ain’t mad at it.
  • Today’s Webtoon – Not gonna lie, I slowed down with this because the lack of romance was killing me even tho the potential was there.
  • Not Me – One day I will finish this. ONE DAY

On Deck

  • The Eclipse – I need back in my BL vibes and looking at First is so addicting. I will start closer to the end.
  • Love in the Air – Same with The Eclipse, I wanna watch but I need it to be almost done so I can binge.

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