Hit It or Skip It – October 2022 Week 1

Welcome to the first week of the best month of the year! As it is my birthday month, I thought it was only fair that I return and bless you all with my superior tastes in Kpop. You are all welcome. Am I positively tooted listening to these right now? Yes. Does this affect my enjoyment? Also yes. Let’s get into it.

Treasure ‘Hello’

I love the chorus!!! it’s giving 2010s cascada hahah like I feel like I’m in college again…

Seulgi ’28 Reasons’

YASSS come thru Aaailyahhhh! I see you!! Now you KNOW she ATE DOWWWWNNNnnn.

Kingdom ‘Long Live The King’

Ignore how ugly they are, I am digging this one! I love that at no point did I know where this was going. Loved that for me!.

Suzy ‘Love Shhh!’

Idk why I’m always taken aback every time I hear a Suzy song? I feel like she always sounds so different to me lol SIDE NOTE : SHE IS SO PRETTY UGH

RollingQuartz ‘NAZABARARA’

Listenn . Love their sound so much! The day they get a better audio engineering teamm whew its ovaaaaaa.

Stray Kidz ‘CASE 143’

Chorus gets it cause i can’t explain the attraction. I love some parts and hate others, but the good is really working for me.

AB6IX ‘Sugargoat’

Although this is a good vibe, it kinda killed my buzz from the first two. Also I feel like AB6IX has done way better with similar vibe.

Onewe ‘Still Here’

I thought we were gonna get some BTOB instead I wanna cry cause this is so boring and is killing my high so fast jfc

Jamie ‘3D Woman’

First of all, who tf is this?? That’s a terrible hair color. Pity Party was so good wtf is this? ew.

IRRIS ‘Bye Bye’

It’s giving very much we are poor. Production, MV, Looks. Like where’s the money??

DKZ ‘Uh-Heung’

I started this song at a 10 and then my excitement just kept slowly going down and down and down and downn. I’d rather listen to Stray Kidz Miroh, I already see the inspiration.

CocaNButter ‘Mi Deh Yah’

This is what they play on loop in my personal hell.

GroovyRoom, GEMINI, Mirani ‘Rollin’

How is this so boring? It’s like its so boring that it just sounds so bad. No flavor.

The Rose ‘Sour’

Accurate song title of the week.

Favorite SOTW: 28 Reasons

Least Favorite SOTW: Mi Deh Yah

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