Hit It or Skip It – October 2022 Week 3

I wasn’t sure if Sugar Baby was going to take this week since she is on vacation and it’s her birthday week! This week just wasn’t what I was hoping for musically.


The rap part sucks but the rest of the song is fire. Loving the reggaeton vibes.

Lee Chanhyuk “Panorama”

Even with his weird promotion of this song, it’s not bad and has an 80’s soundtrack feel to it. Not mad at it.

N.Flying “I Like You”

Much happier and better than the other song. This is the style this band excels at.

Dynamicduo “She Gonna Stop (Feat. Leellamarz)”

Talk about a romantic fun style rap song. Just makes me wanna dance.

(G)I-DLE “Nxde”

I really need the Soyeon domination to end. Its horrible on the ears.

Def. “my abandoned love”

I wanted to love this but this is exactly what you would expect from a JayB project. His voice sounds nice but the song is mid.

WEi “Spray”

The best thing about this song is the group’s visuals. I can’t listen over and over based off abs.

ITZY “Boys Like You”

I wish I liked this but it feels like a Taylor Swift reject song.

Favorite SOTW: N/A

Least Favorite SOTW: N/A

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