Hit It or Skip It – January 2023 Week 2

I know you missed my judgy self. Back and better than everrrrr!

MONSTA X ‘Beautiful Liar’

Monsta X 🤝🏾 Songs with “Beautiful” in the title = ❤️‍🔥.

SF9 ‘Puzzle’

A SF9 song will always be a sf9 song.. You know what I mean?

CHEETAH, Eunice, Do Yeon, heya ‘WANT ‘

This a cute little girl power bop.

Dreamcatcher ‘Reason’

I love when DC serves us anime fight songs.

Primrose ‘Primrose’

You know.. there’s something there..


Okay, here is the thing.. I do not think this song is bad at all. I just think it gives me Annmarie/Bebe Rexha pop girl vibes and that’s not my taste so yeah.

VERIVERY ‘It’s you’


Taeyang ft Jimin ‘VIBE’

It was not a vibe for me, sorry.

Henry ‘Moonlight’

Just listen to a Harry Styles song

Favorite SOTW:

Second Favorite SOTW:

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