Hit It or Skip It – February 2023 Week 3

Happy Black History Month

There was so much music this week and I have to say… the ladies killed it through and through. Repeat of last year?

tripleS “Rising”

This is a bop. And the bridge was slick. Nice job.


Didn’t expect this to be as catchy as it was.


Was NOT expecting this to be a RnB bop! BUT IT WAS!

LIMELIGHT “Honestly”

What works for this debut was how not typical of girl groups it was. I love the lower register of the girls.

PURPLE KISS “Sweet Juice”


TNX “Love or Die”

There is just something good when a BG does something against the grain, and this is it.

So!YoON! “Bad”

This is just a bad bitch song and I’m down bad for it.

Jay Park “Yesterday”

Jay has done better ballads than this. This just feels flat.

KEY “Killer”

It gives me a Weeknd feeling, but I feel like it’s been done. Don’t hate it but bored,

STAYC “Teddy Bear”

Just a cute song. And I really liked how the rap broke up the song. BUT it is forgettable.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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