Hit It or Skip It – February 2023 Week 4

Oopsie. I forgot about this and if you say anything then you’re anti Black.

n.SSign ‘Salty’

And this is just the pre-debut song? praying hands that the debut isn’t trash because this is very promising.

The Boyz ‘ROAR’

Nothing particularly amazing here but Juyeon looks hot.

E’LAST ‘Thrill’

I was SOOO close to skipping this and then the chorus came on and I was like FUCK YESSSS.

Fifty Fifty ‘Cupid’

Why is this so cute? Also the rap didn’t ruin it?

Shaun, Jeff Satur ‘Steal The Show’

I was prepared to be a dick but this is good. fuck me.

Serri ‘Spotlight’

Her voice isn’t my ideal but the bassline is so good.

Woodz ‘Abyss’

The lyrics are wonderful and I like WOODZ a lot, but would I ever listen to this again? No. Sorry, I gotta be honest.

Shin Jimin ‘Sympathy’

I love that celebs love to say they’re leaving the industry and then you catch em making shitty songs a few years later.

HAWW ‘How Are You’

My day’s ruined thanks to this flavorless song. Thanks for asking.

Lucy ‘Unbelievable’

Comments saying this made them happy meanwhile I actually wanted to jump off a bridge? okay cool.

Paul Kim ‘One At A Time’


Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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