Love Alert ~ Episode 1 & 2 Recap

Ahh!! So I was struggling with deciding how to do these. I was inspired by my laziness and as such I am doing these recaps to cover both episodes. This is better for me because I am rather busy during the week so covering both episodes at once maximizes my time! Also this review is late only because I was recently moving so I had a ton of shit to do and I didn’t have the chance to sit and write this recap. I have also decided that these recaps won’t be in the style that you’re used to but it should be entertaining nonetheless! Let’s get into thissss.


We start off the premiere episode with Yoon Yoo Jung (Yoon Eun Hye) getting an award at an international award ceremony for best actress. Everyone was cheering and there was joy and happiness. After that Yoo Jung is all up on her presumed boyfriend (Choi Jung Won) at the airport in a pretty careless way that had me like ‘damn sis don’t you think you should like not do that shit out in the open?’ Hence why a pap was in the bushes snatching pictures. During this ‘cute fest’ we are given our first coincidental sighting of the male lead Cha Woo Hyun (Chun Jung Myung) who looks at them the way I looked at them, with pure disdain. He notices a crowd that’s waiting and cheering even though he didn’t quite understand that it was for our female lead. Through the cheering crowd comes his not that much older mother who lets us know that he won an award as well. He then proceeds to ask how her fifth honeymoon went and we find out that hubby number five is barely older than her son and honestly, hella goals Mom!! Get. It.

Yoo Jung says bye to presumed boyfriend whose name I can’t recall and don’t particularly feel like looking up and then she goes into her van where she is accosted by the CEO of her company, Han Jae Kyung (Han Go Eun) who proceeds to tell her that her actress persona and her true persona are very different from each other and sometimes she should class it up a bit. Jae Kyung also tells her that homeboy ain’t shit and if she feels the need to get experience to devote more to her dating roles then let her choose because Yoo Jung can’t pick men. Cue us seeing boyfriend getting a car from his girlfriend who is coincidentally a VIP patient from Woo Hyun’s hospital. Woo Hyun of course runs into them and immediately recognizes the boy cause he was all up on our sis a while ago. When VIP Fashion girl introduces him as her boyfriend, Woo Hyun was basically like:

Woo Hyun and his mom leave the parking lot and are in the car where we learn more about him which is basically ever Kdrama male lead ever who has a tense relationship with his father, doesn’t believe in love and blah blah blah. They end the car ride and he’s at his hospital where he’s loved, a patient comes in that his mom had set him up with and she was like hella desperate and my dude was like “ugh can you not?” He gets saved by this student who burned herself and needs immediate treatment.. I mean I’ve burned myself before but you haven’t seen me crying a river about it but anyways. We then cut to Yoo Jung and her CEO still bickering and Yoo Jung complaining about her back which seems to need treatment and which hospital do they end up? The one where our male lead works! I AM SHOCKED. *she says sarcastically*

At the hospital Woo Hyun treats the student with the burn who wants to become an actress and her favorite actress is non other than our resident superstar, Yoo Jung, who at that same time is paying for said student’s treatment because her mother left her wallet at home in all the confusion of the life threatening burn. When Woo Hyun leaves the student he has the intention to pay the bill but that’s when he finds out that it was already covered and so he decides to give Yoo Jung the special mask because she’s so nice. Daww. They walk by each other in slow motion like only kdramas could do and Yoo Jung heads to her room not before eavesdropping on a bunch of jealous bitches calling her a flop who can’t keep a man. She’s rightfully upset by this and spirals into a bit of self pity and honestly, so relatable!! She also overhears Woo Hyun being a know-it-all to the other surgeon and she’s enamored by that, so enamored that when she’s leaving the hospital she lets them know that he should be her doctor from now on. The nurses were like “he’s totes hot too!” and asked if she wants to meet him but then she gets a bootycall from boyfriend so she had to decline.

Yoo Jung arrives at boyfriend and is basically so in love and gushing about it being their 100 days soon and he was like “it ain’t that deep” and I didn’t appreciate that because 100 days is a big deal!! I can barely commit to a gym for that long. But poor Yoo Jung cannot read social cues at all cause that is a man that is definitely not feeling that gift of a watch. But listen… I would take the watch, Yoo Jung! He’s an ungrateful prick! She’s like telling him it’s time for them to go public and he’s basically telling her that he’s not worth it. He was practically yelling it.

Thankfully the awkward conversation is interrupted by Woo Hyun who apparently is looking at boyfriend’s house cause he’s selling. Unfortunately for Yoo Jung that means she has to hide, double hit of bad luck, the paparazzi from earlier is camped out across the street taking pictures through THE CLEAR AND OPEN WINDOWS! Can we discuss how these people are supposed to be celebrities but like have a total lack of awareness? Like??

It’s the next day and we’re witnessing the most awkward car ride. Fortunately we’re saved by Yoo Jung needing to stop to get something from the store, when boyfriend stops the car, she runs out and police tell him he can’t park there. Woo Hyun then pulls up in a pretty identical car to get something from the store as well. When Yoo Jung leaves the store she naturally just hops into the car and the scene which occurs is quite hilarious. Our first true interaction between the leads in which Woo Hyun says she’s stealing his car and she thinks he’s a stalker. Thankfully, boyfriend shows up again and they realize that it was indeed a huge misunderstanding and they go their separate ways.

Woo Hyun arrives at work and we’re treated to the drama’s portion of daddy issues. Woo Hyun doesn’t want to be used by dad and dad abandoned them and there’s some illegitimacy behind his birth and blah blah. Next.

Paparazzi girl has her pictures and enough story to drop the scandal and her boss is  patting her on the back and she’s like “Yes! My rent is getting paid tonight!” Moving along.

Yoo Jung is with her CEO who is basically trying to tell her “hoe don’t do it”. She explains to her that she is a brand and that these scandals could affect her beyond her expectations and I couldn’t help but once again think of the actress herself and not the role. She’s telling her that she can date in due time with the right person but homeboy isn’t it. Jae Kyung’s worries were falling onto deaf ears cause girlie is in love and doesn’t give a fuck. She wants to admit to dating him at the press conference release the next day. Sighs. Yoo Jung is seen later also discussing this matter with her friend and fellow actor, Sung Hoon (Joo Woo Jae), who also thinks she’s batshit crazy. While they’re at the shoot preparing and filming the scandal breaks out and Yoo Jung could hardly contain her excitement. The poor fool. Meanwhile Jae Kyung is trying hard to keep it under wraps. Yoo Jung keeps trying to call boyfriend and he’s not answering his phone.. Oh no.

It’s the next day and Yoo Jung approaches boyfriend in the dressing room where he proceeds to dump her. Our little lovesick idiot is making up excuses and refusing to see it for what it is which is how we found ourselves collectively cringing at the press conference where she admits to being in love with someone only to then find out that her boyfriend is now engaged to VIP Fashion lady who gave him a car for his birthday.

This is Yoon Yoo Jung at the end of episode one:


The second episode picks up where our premiere left off, all eyes were on Yoo Jung as they awaited the explanation of who it is that she’s in love with since the rumors of her dating costar boyfriend could not be true as he is now engaged. Luckily, our CEO buys her some time by promising to give an exclusive interview much later. As Yoo Jung is leaving paparazzi girl says to her that boyfriend or rather ex-boyfriend was cheating on her cause she knows that they were actually together and Yoo Jung was like tearing into her and I wish she would bring that same energy to the ex boyfriend but nope instead we see her crying to CEO about him in the next scene because she believed that he really did love her and wasn’t using her for fame. She convinces CEO to give her a day to gather her thoughts and emotions and she agrees.

Hahaha paparazzi girl is being harassed by a man in uniform. The scene is pretty ridiculous because it’s Block B’s Pyo!! He’s pretty much yelling at reporter telling her she can’t just post what she feels like and they eventually end up at the police station where paparazzi girl is trying to convince the police to drop the charges. In comes his guardian who is none other than Jae Kyung because it turns out that uniform guy is Yoon Yoo Joon, Yoo Jung’s brother. Paparazzi girl clearly sucks at her job of being a snoop cause she didn’t even know she had a brother. She did take this moment to tell CEO of her plan to save Yoo Jung; finding her a secret lover.

Yoo Jung is sitting outside drinking heavily and talking to her mothers grave so we automatically know that this is gonna end really well especially when she starts going through his photos and reminiscing about their good times together. Damn men really ain’t shit.

Woo Hyun sees the nurses gossiping and is hella nosy too so he wants to know what’s good and they showed him the blog posts. He looks away pensively for a moment before little miss desperate shows up and they start talking. She explains to him that she is an illegitimate child as well and it’s like awww poor thing, he still ain’t gonna marry you though.

Her: We are perfect together. You’re the reason my family is noticing me right now.

Him: thank you, next

They end the conversation with her realizing that in order from him to marry her she should make him desperately want something and as such she gets him fired from his job. I mean… I guess???

Yoo Jung is drunkenly walking the streets and I am shocked that no one has snapped a photo to sell for money cause I honestly would. She ends up at ex-boyfriend’s house which is now Woo Hyun’s house and she lets herself in because he didn’t change his code cause he’s fucking stupid but I digress and she starts crying and breaking down. Luckily, it’s a nice decent guy who bought ex-boyfriend’s house and not a sociopath because in actuality this could’ve ended with Yoo Jung in a fucking body bag in a ditch, but that’s too dark.. LOL.  We see him help her when she hits her head almost knocking out what little sense she has.

It’s the next day and girlie looks a hot ass mess. She wakes up and realizes that she was a hot ass mess last night and tries to sneak out but Woo Hyun was like “haha you thought” and tells her she was very disruptive last night. They have a semi bickering contest and he says to her that it’s okay and she can leave. She boldly asks him for a ride because she can’t let her company know she slept out. Eventually we see her begin to clean and he’s making breakfast. He literally puts two plates down on the table then talks about how he doesn’t eat with strangers and we see a real sincere bonding moment between the two which made my heart flutter (ohhh I get it now!). He sits down with her and they eat a meal together.


Meanwhile, Jae Kyung and paparazzi girl have decided on the perfect guy for her to fake date for three months and are on their way over to where she is right now to discuss a contract with him, Yoo Joon in tow. They think to themselves that perhaps Yoo Jung isn’t as stupid and is actually dating this other guy and not ex-boyfriend due to all the coincidences and I’m like umm nah y’all have known her your whole lives and think she’s that smart? I’ve only known her a hour and twenty minutes and know she could never. LOL. As our lead couple is exiting the building they’re almost ran over by her brother who exits the car and rushes straight into her arms. It’s high key kinda cute and very touching. They all introduce themselves and this is where Yoo Jung finds out that this is the dermatology specialist, Cha Woo Hyun.

CEO and paparazzi girl are sitting opposite of Woo Hyun and Yoo Jung, when they ask him to pretend to be her lover for three months. They’re both shocked. Of course he says no and walks away and Yoo Jung walks away as well. CEO suggests that maybe they should find someone else and paparazzi girl is like “NO! It has to be him!”

Woo Hyun arrives at a hospital owned by his former relative by marriage where he decides that he will work trusting that his patients will follow him there. We then see his father and desperate girl having a discussion about him in which desperate girl admits that she was the cause for him getting terminated.

Yoo Jung is in her dressing room looking at all the stuff that ex-boyfriend bought her and is wondering what she should do with them. GIVE THEM TO ME SO I CAN PAWN THEM FOR MONEY. As she leaves to film the final scene she approaches ex-boyfriend in his room and sighs. I cannot even. She stood there stunted as he basically degrades her and then tells her to keep her mouth shut or he’ll ruin her life and all I can say is that I can’t wait for him to suffer.

Desperate girl is on the phone with her lackey and tells him to buy the special program from Woo Hyun’s new hospital as it doesn’t matter anyways cause they’ll close down within a month. Lackey approaches the wife of the owner and she quite literally salivates at the thought of how much money they’re making. She goes to tell Woo Hyun about the person who purchase the program and at that moment Yoo Jung walks in leading him to believe that it is her to which she responds no and asks him if he’s up for a chat. They’re on the roof and Yoo Jung expresses how thankful she is to him for all that he has done and she asks him for one more favor; date her for three months.

First Impressions

OHKAYYYY. OUR QUEEN IS BACK! SHE IS BACK! guysss guys guyss! I can’t explain how there is just something about Yoon Eun Hye that these other actors aren’t touching! The character is so endearing and you can’t help but think up the parallels of the role with the actress behind it. There is really good chemistry between YEH and Chun Jung Myung that I wasn’t expecting. I am thoroughly impressed. This drama isn’t bringing anything new to the table but it is being done in an enjoyable manner. My only hope is for there not to be a lot of time spent on the mundane family inheritance conflict which unfortunately based on the preview for episode three will not be the case.  I am glad that this drama was entirely preproduced although I do forsee that such a simple plot will likely go to crap somewhere near the middle. However, I am willing to stick with it through it all because I have missed Yoon Eun Hye so gotdamn much. I know there are quite a few people out there who believe that she isn’t a good actress, and I won’t be petty and call out a certain actress that is very famous but is not good PERIOD but let me just say this script isn’t calling for Oscar level acting so leave your acting concerns at the door. Also fuck all the knetz that only watched so they could talk shit. I hope she ignores them and continues to do dramas because as long as she’s the lead, I will watch. I mean I watched Marry Him If You Dare didn’t I?

MVP of Episodes 1 and 2: Han Jae Kyung





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