Love Alert ~ Episode 3 & 4 Recap

After hanging a picture on my wall, placing three books on my bookshelf while aptly ignoring the huge box beside it, and baking banana zucchini muffins, I decided it was time to relax and unwind with Yoon Eun Hye. I grabbed my second bottle of soju, my mother (comments in bold are made by her) and my viki subscription! LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!

Woo Hyun starts episode 3 off, sawing wood and musing over his conversation with Yoo Jung from earlier in the night. This is where we find out that he did reject her offer at the end of episode two for them to date and the whole conversation kind of felt a bit exhaustive, although I did enjoy the atmosphere and a few choice gems that they shared with each other. I felt the emotions in the scene when she told him that he has never experienced the situation of having people he doesn’t know talking shit and spreading lies, making her out to be a bad person. FUCK KNETZ.

protec you

The scandal is becoming bigger than they all anticipated and now she’s suffering from cancelled contracts due to her image not upholding the “pure” standard. Let me pause for a second and say that I actually hate this shit so much. I am beyond irritated by this idea that a star in the public eye cannot openly do things like that (looking at you CUBE entertainment). Like jfc let people be happy ffs.

Anyways.. we then cut to Yoo Jung meeting the others for a meal and they notice how puffy her eyes are as she’s clearly trying to put on a brave front for her colleagues. Yoo Jung says to CEO that they should find another person because Woo Hyun will not crack and her brother hints at the CEO that it should be best friend, Sung Hoon which Yoo Jung adamantly rejects. Sung Hoon and Yoo Jung are now exercising with face masks on and he lets her know that he doesn’t mind being her scapegoat and she is still adamantly refusing. Eventually the conversation leads to Woo Hyun as Yoo Jung is clearly already smitten.

Speaking of Woo Hyun here he is taking care of burn victim’s foot and he looks so much like Choi Kang Hee here that I had to do a double take. Student shares with him that Yoo Jung also has a burn on her back and that she is afraid of fire. Of course, Woo Hyun sees similarity within himself and we are treated to him having a flashback of being saved from the fire and I am betting $100 that it was Yoo Jung’s mom that saved him and she is directly related to this some way, some how. Also homeboy just takes the dog tag? Just like that? Mmm k. THIEF. Woo Hyun leaves work and eats alone at home while reminiscing about the meal that he shared with Yoo Jung.

It’s the next day and Sung Hoon is meeting with Jae Kyung telling her that he will be Yoo Jung’s scapegoat. We all know that it is because he wants to instagram double tap that ass! The scene cuts to Woo Hyun at the hospital where we are introduced to his chairman daddy’s wife. Ngl. I love this actress! I think she was in ‘Lie To Me’ as well. Anyways she’s like “wah wah wah stay away! wah wah my son should be the successor wah wah wah.” He doesn’t care, ma’am. I did notice however that he didn’t promise her.. mmm. He’s so stiff and boring. Stop being so serious.

Yoo Jung looks like an absolute flower goddess! So freaking pretty! holy shit! I love the work ethic and her wanting to do well by requesting that they redo the shoot. However, mid preparations another scandal drops. This time it is saying that she is the woman who Woo Hyun’s half-brother, Se Hyun (I think that is his name I don’t know I am two bottles of soju in at this point), had an affair with. Naturally this affects her ability to work because now she’s a side hoe and ruined a marriage. She ends up falling from the swing and injuring herself. Super dramatic. In an attempt to save face, she tries to leave with her dignity in tact. We find out that the culprit behind this is Little Miss Desperate. NOW HOLD THE FUCK UP. I AM READY TO FIGHT THIS BITCH. IT IS ON SIGHT. ON MOTHERFUCKING SIGHT. How you just gonna run someone over with a truck like that? tf?? She doesn’t even know Yoo Jung! She doesn’t even know that Yoo Jung and Woo Hyun have a connection and she already doing this so imagine what is gonna happen when the fake dating news comes to light?? I AM GONNA POP YOUR ASS BITCH! SQUARE UP!


Yoo Jung ends up at Woo Hyun’s hospital for treatment because why not? He cuts her clothes and sees her bruise on her back and the burn from the fire. Can someone tell me why he had to cut the clothes and she couldn’t just take it off? Weird. He tells her that he doesn’t believe the scandal because he can read the kind of person she is in her eyes. She tells him about the fire and I FUCKING KNEW IT. Mom passed away from that fire and we all know that it is 1000% related to him. She starts sobbing uncontrollably and you can see that she’s clearly missing her mother especially at a time like this. I expect you to cry like this whenever I die.

LOL @ brother already in love with his soon to be brother-in-law. I am dying.

Mom is scheming with chairman daddy to have son be the successor and I am like very irritated by her. I take back all the praise I gave last week. She strikes me as a very immature person. She says that her and hubby #5 broke up because he cheated on her. Woo Hyun starts talking about how love is worthless and uses his mother’s situation as proof. He storms out. . Is that why you don’t have a boyfriend? Because I’m like his mother and haven’t had many good relationships with men? Mom shut up. You’ve been divorced once.  At the hospital he sees a note from Yoo Jung and he starts smiling cause he whipped already and doesn’t even know. Hahaha.

Yoo Jung finally agrees to use Sung Hoon as she believes that ex-boyfriend is behind all of this. She apologizes to Sung Hoon, not knowing that dude is definitely sporting a hard-on at this news. HAHA. Okay the elephant thing is cute. You’re so corny. How did I give birth to you? The next morning the pair along with her brother, head out to visit her mother’s grave. Oh wow that scenery is beautiful. There is already flowers there and she gets really upset and I already know where this is going.

Woo Hyun is at the hospital because damn I guess he really is a doctor. He gets a call that his mother has cancer and I believe that .00001%. He’s trying to get in touch with mom and she’s not answering and this is so manipulative and gross.

Yoo Jung and Sung Hoon are taking staged photos to make it look like they’ve been secretly dating for a while, but it’s like so awkward LOL. STOP LOOKING AT THE CAMERA IDIOTS LOL. I did think the outside scene was kinda funny though. I think I like Sung Hoon.

Mom finally calls Woo Hyun back the next day and it’s a set-up. I am beyond irritated by this. She asks him to go on a date before they go to the doctor and this basically confirms my suspicions that it is a set-up. Give her the benefit of the doubt. 

Oh mother,


Of course I was right because it so happens that the hotel that he’s meeting his mother at for dinner is where chairman daddy and company are gathered to make an announcement. In a total plot twist that everyone saw coming, Yoo Jung is also at that hotel. They coincidentally bump into each other and she thought fleetingly that he was there for her. As Yoo Jung walks into her press conference, he gets a call from the chairman’s wife and she lets him know it’s a setup.

In one conference room chairman daddy is about to announce that Woo Hyun is his son and his marriage to Little Miss Desperate. In the other conference room Yoo Jung is about to announce Sung Hoon as her boyfriend. Yoo Jung grabs the mic as Sung Hoon prepares himself to stand when Woo Hyun bursts through the door and tells her that they should be a fake couple together. Episode 3 ends there.

I paused Viki from auto playing the next episode because I needed to pee and tweet about how much I am anticipating Jennie from Blackpink’s solo debut song titled ‘SOLO’. (Yes I am shamelessly plugging it and what about it?) I also made popcorn cause I was hungry.  Episode 4. Play!

Woo Hyun interrupts the press conference and announces that he’s the secret boyfriend and that they have been dating for six months. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of support to the couple and Jae Kyung and Reporter are very pleased. Chairman daddy is in another conference room and gets interrupted from making his announcement due to the news. Both him and Little Miss Desperate are like big mad. 

 Woo Hyun and Yoo Jung leave the press conference and he immediately lets go of her hand, but she tells him that they have to keep pretending even when there is no one around because that is how people get caught. As soon as the words leave her mouth, a swarm of reporters surround them asking a bunch of questions and his father emerges from his press conference. There is a tense moment and awkward stare down followed by Woo Hyun telling Yoo Jung that he would catch up with her later. He then proceeds to have an intense confrontation with his father and both my mother and myself are not interested. 

Woo Hyun’s mom is in the hospital being a manipulative lying little GRRR! This seriously so irritating to me. 

Yoo Jung is at the agency, not so casually eavesdropping on Woo Hyun’s conversation with his friend about finding funds to keep the hospital going. This makes her curious and assume that the reason he accepted the proposal to fake the relationship is because of the money. This does not go over well because as you know Woo Hyun is not that kind of guy and they end up in a bickering match. Both of them refusing to sign the contract like some fucking babies. 

It’s the next day and they are reviewing the contract. Yoo Jung makes the suggestion that he should have input into it as well and Woo Hyun being basic af does give some kumbayah shit as his clause in the contract. I know he’s supposed to be like a just and righteous guy but he’s a bit annoying.

Oh look it’s Little Miss Desperate and I am instantly annoyed.Chairman’s wife shows up and starts giving her the business and I am living for it! She is a bad bitch! Like that is some straight up bad bitch behavior that chairman’s wife just exhibited. 

I am so impressed by Chairman’s wife that I have decided that she is worthy of me learning her name for these recaps.  Hello Kyung Eun! You may eventually piss me off but currently you’re on the nice list. Side note: I totally have those earrings that Little Miss Desperate is wearing.

VIP hospital is flourishing. They are booked and busy due to the reveal of the relationship. Woo Hyun’s friend is like elated by this news and I imagine that his wife is somewhere wetting her panties as we speak. (I am so sorry for being so crude). His friend is pressuring him for the details about what it is like to date a celebrity and then he pulls him aside and tells him that it is actually a fake relationship. Okay so I have two things:

  1. Why is friend creating such an excitement over a fake relationship and saying he has never heard of that before?? Like bruhh?? This is the year 2018!

Next we see Jae Kyung and Yoo Jung having a conversation when they are interrupted by someone. He reveals to them that a number of their contracts have been cancelled. Instinctively I knew that this was Little Miss Desperate’ s doing because all the contracts are related to her company. This forces Jae Kyung to meet with the Reporter so that they can devise a plan to improve Yoo Jung’s image. They come up with the idea of doing an exclusive dating report to show the couple to the public in a way that makes them feel organic. Jae Kyung approaches Yoo Jung with the idea and she vehemently refuses as she doesn’t see why she should give a press conference about her relationship and I kind of agree. Unfortunately, her resolution is broken when more and more of her contracts are being canceled especially the Korean/English movie collaboration.

The next day they are sitting with Woo Hyun to tell him off their new plan and naturally he is being a wet blanket.He’s being really whiny.They butt heads yet again because of the whole sensitivity regarding money and okay lowkey it was funny the interaction with Yoo Jung and Jae Kyung about him just being prideful. Hehehe Jae kyung’s expressions were on point. Eventually he of course agrees because duh.

Little Miss Desperate is doing THE most to cripple Yoo Jung’s career and is looking into her background and being a little annoying bitch. I think I would like appreciate her more if she had any feelings for him and wasn’t purely doing it to gain status. We cut to his mother’s little lying ass self in the hospital and she’s convincing the doctor to tell Woo Hyun she only has months to live and I truly do not get the motivation for her to be doing this. Little Miss Desperate shows up at the hospital and the mom is all “wow you’re so pretty” and I feel like throwing up my popcorn and booze.

Our main couple is being presented their itinerary for their date. There is a whole ass storyboard and everything. They are to do typical date stuff and Yoo Jung tells him that she picked out clothing for him to wear at her house. At her house, they are trying on numerous clothing options for him and I’m gonna keep it real with you fam, none of these fits were a look. He starts to get frustrated and she settles on the first one. He asks why go through so many if they were going to settle on the first one and it’s like come on Woo Hyun! My brother tries on fifty outfits at a time to go out so I know men do that shit too. He asks her if she wants him to remove the scar from her back and she tells him no because she is afraid that with it gone she would forget her mother. I’m going to bed, let me know if anything else happens.

Brother and reporter are like totally gonna smash by the way. I don’t even understand what even occurred here for this to even be a thing but I mean, do you boo! They are watching our main couple from their car and tell them to do things that couples typically do. They request that they do skinship and it is so awkward but like in a funny way. I am really enjoying this especially when she like tries to get him to look like he’s in love and I really feel such an easy and comfortable chemistry here that I enjoy. 

The next part of the date takes part at his home. They are discussing her trauma but it only lasts a short time and I am feeling a little aggravated becauseI know there’s more there and the little bits are like $%^@^%&@!! LOL. He moves to make them a meal and she picks up the card from his book and starts smiling and giggling like fool as if this is the first time she has read this, like sis, didn’t you write it?? They’re eating together and she’s having flashbacks of the ex throughout all the ‘date’ stuff that they’re doing…. I guess she really did love him. Wow.. Men aint shit.

She starts getting physically shaken up by this and Woo Hyun suggests that they stop for the night. Right before she leaves her cell goes off and she is frozen once she sees that it is ex-boyfriend. Woo Hyun, the valiant knight in shining armor answers her phone and the ex is yelling about what happened with his fiancee. Yoo Jung is having a little breakdown and Woo Hyun explains that the ex’s fiancee is one of his patients. I loved that he compared the ex relationship to trying on clothes and it made me forget that I was irritated by him earlier in the episode. Hehehe. 

Brother is like straight up declaring his love to reporter and just WOW at this family. They fall for people faster than it takes me to finish a bottle of wine. 

Yoo Jung is exercising and reminiscing on her time with Woo Hyun from the previous night and my point stands about how this family falls for people damn quick. CEO comes in and let’s her know that the reports seem to be doing well and they’re both happy. Yoon Eun Hye looks really hot in this scene. She takes out her phone to listen to something and IT’S THE FREAKING CONVERSATION WITH WOO HYUN AND EX BOYFRIEND?? Are you serious???

Nahhhhh. Okay listen, I know this is fiction and all but do not insult my intelligence like this. How in the hell did that happen?? PHONES DO NOT WORK LIKE THAT. I know how technology works. This is false advertising and bullshit. APPLE SUE THEM. How dare they??!! Like??? fUCK YALL.

Okay moving on. They’re on another date at a villa and it is hella cute! There are some other reporters there convinced that it is all an act which gives us more couple moments. They’re having dinner which is straight tragic like yall are a doctor and a superstar actress, that meal is a struggle meal. Also tf you mean about zero calories? THAT SHIT IS RAMEN YO! THAT SHIT IS PURE CARBS AND CALORIES. STRIKE TWO.

After the meal they part ways to sleep. She goes into the tent and he is in the car. The scene pans over the diminishing coal and then to a circuit which sparks, causing a fire that spreads almost as quickly as the Yoon siblings fall in love. The episode ends with Yoo Jung fainting after asking him to save her and he’s standing there, stunted. 

Ah this is way later than I intended but like you see.. what had happen was… LOL. Listen I started writing this recap when we had the regular editors and not this block nonsense. I promise I will try to be on time with these recaps. Overall solid episodes I guess. I do enjoy the emotional scenes, I think YEH is hitting the mark with those. Episode 4 took a little more time for me to get through and I think it was because I was a little tipsy. LOL. 

Episode 3 MVP – Sung Hoon

Episode 4 MVP – Ko Kyung Hun




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