Goodbye 2018, HELLO 2019!

Ahhh! Another year has come and gone and so many things happened in 2018. Since this isn’t a super personal blog, I decided to just write a post to tell y’all what is on the horizon for this year. Thank you all for subscribing and reading and all the views that we received. Don’t be shy on commenting because we appreciate that as well.

RE: Recaps

Soo.. I have not had the time and will not have the time to sit, watch and write recaps. A full time job does not allow for much time to write these funny and engaging recaps. I’m currently in a bit of a kdrama slump as well and am only able to find sustainability in a few Chinese dramas which puts a damper on my plans to check out a lot of the new Korean dramas that have started airing. I apologize for those of you who do visit the site for the Love Alert recaps especially, but I will be doing a review once I complete the drama. And if it is my wonderfully hilarious commentary that you would love to read, I promise to live tweet over on our official twitter!

RE: Social Media

Speaking of twitter we will be making the active effort to be more active on twitter and more interactive to build up our brand! A simple follow/RT would go a huge way in helping us grow as a site. 🙂

RE: Posts

While we do not intend on making excessively often posts, we will try to deliver content in a more timely manner! We have a lot of fun features planned for this year! I have an insane number of posts that are in draft and half done which is just overall a poor reflection of me. Hahhaah. Seriously, I had a superlatives for the dramas I watched in 2018 post still sitting in draft and now i’m like..mmmm… is it even worth posting now?

Uhhh that’s it I guess? I really just wanted to give a post to wish y’all a happy new year and that I hope 2019 is the representative year for you all!

PS- I’m still thinking about that Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Kai (EXO) dating news.. Maybe one day when I’m not irritated by twitter I will discuss idols dating.. maybe not. All I want y’all to know right now is that I SHIP.



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