Sugar Baby’s Review Corner : ‘Miss Baek’

Hello friends! Welcome to my review corner. I will be reviewing movies, dramas and music. Some reviews will get their own posts, others may be combined. I will have fun with it. I will try to be as impartial and objective as possible but I am very opinionated so take that how you want to! 🙂

Miss Baek

miss_baekSmall but tough Baek Sang Ah, known as Miss Baek, comes across a young girl, Ji Eun, a victim of domestic violence by her game-junkie father and his girlfriend. A lifetime of abandonment, abuse, and prejudice has taught Miss Baek how to shut others out, but she slowly opens up to Jieun she sees as a mirror of herself. When Ji Eun finally runs away from despairing violence Miss Baek whose sense of helplessness was pushing her to let Jieun go vows to fight for Ji Eun, even if it meant risking her own life.

(source: mydramalist)



Miss Baek is absolutely worth the hype that is has received thus far. Storytelling wise I felt like it could have been better, but I think the strength in this movie lies with the strong delivery from the cast. Like everyone else, I have only ever seen Han Ji Min in romantic comedies and thought that this role was great as it showed her duality as a performer. I felt the tangibility of Miss Baek as a character in today’s present world. Like Han Ji Min, her counterpart, Kwon So Hyun, did an excellent job as the ‘villain’ the vindictiveness and desperation were evident in every facial expression and speech. A even special shout out to the child actress as well, I can see a strong future for her in acting.

It was clear that women were the backbone of this film. And there was a strong emphasis on womanhood through various lenses. We had our protagonist who struggled to forgive her mother for abusing and abandoning her even after she had passed away. We saw the struggle within her mother’s decision to abandon her. We saw our antagonist and her relationship with the child of her boyfriend and she was the one who was the clear breadwinner among them. We saw this child fight eagerly and hungrily for her survival and for the woman that protected her.

Although this movie does deal with a very gritty topic, it was still enjoyable and did not feel like a commentary on society. I was equal parts satisfied and dissatisfied with the ending due to personal preference. However, I would still recommend.

Acting: 9/10
Production Value: 7.5/10
Music: N/A
Story: 7.5/10

Overall Rating: 8.5/10



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