31 Day K-Drama Challenge ~ Day 29


Lazy Unnie

Kang Seon Woo from Oh My Ghostess… I love food and sometimes dick personalities and Chef just meets both criteria. He was the kind of guy I would be attracted to.

Sugar Baby Unnie

Ahn Minhyuk from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon… Have I mentioned that I’m like entirely warped and in Cdrama mode? It is really bad.. Because of this I can’t help but think of my Chinese lovers instead so I had to go back and think about all my kdrama boys and there are a lot of them!! Then I had to think about whether we would be compatible or not and landed on Minhyuk. He’s rich, funny and has emotional issues? JACKPOT. I also like that he’s not a dick cause like I’m a bitch and there really only needs to be one in a relationship anyways. Plus assholes who are assholes to everyone else but you is so overrated. Also he is very pleasing to the eyes.


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