Bitch, we’re going SOLO…

Since the news of EXO’s Chen about to drop his first solo endeavor not part of an OST, it’s got me thinking; Who else is ready for the solo pool? Last year and the beginning of this, we had a bunch of idols drifting from their packs and releasing solo tracks and more. So instead of listing my favorites from those who did, let me list some of the idols I wish would pull a Jennie and

Kyungsoo of EXO

If you’re an EXO-L or just someone with ears, you’d know that an R&B album from Kyungsoo is in the highest demand. His voice lends to the soulful and his past snippets have shown that he is more than capable to handle the riffs and runs of a full album. Give me some Brian McKnight or Trey Songz kind of jams.

V of BTS

One of the most unique voices in K-POP right now. And also underused. Every time he comes out on a BTS song, I get excited because it adds a flavor that isn’t typical.

Seulgi of Red Velvet

Almost all of the members of Red Velvet have done something in the solo realm, but I think Seulgi would not only perform amazingly, I think she has a star quality that others wish they did. I can see her be the Sunmi of a younger generation.


Baby CL as I like to call her. Where CL is the queen, LE is clearly the princess. Already having shown her writing chops and her rap style really stands out among other female idol rappers. When I saw EXID at KCON last year, she had a solo stage and she owned it. One of the highlights for sure.

Woozi of Seventeen

He’s basically been the prince behind the boards to most of Seventeen’s songs. I want to see what he would do for himself with a solo. With that much talent, I want to see how much reach he has.

Youngjae of GOT7

It’s about time that he does his own thing. As one of GOT7’s main vocals, he’s always working on his craft, lending his gift to a couple OSTs as well. I particularly loved Youngjae’s solo track on their latest album. I think if he would to go solo, he’d do something in the wheelhouse of maybe a cross between Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran.

B.I of iKON

We know he can write and rap and produce a hit song. And even when he was on SMTM, I could tell he had that ability. But me wanting Hanbin to go solo is more of me wanting to know if he can do something for himself or does he need the backing of the rest of iKON to be good.

Seongwoo formally of Wanna one

Even though we’re getting actor Seongwoo, I want to see what he’ll do musically. He was honestly one of my favorite voices in Wanna One and I think he would actually do better than some of the other members.

Taeil of NCT

Hands down, one of the top idol voices EVER. NCT doesn’t deserve him, SM doesn’t deserve him, WE don’t deserve him. It’s as if heaven granted this angel on earth with a voice to heal the world. Too much? Maybe not.

Hyungwon of MONSTA X

I don’t want him to do a solo project of him singing. I want a solo album of H.One mixes. Yep, I want DJ Hyungwon to grace us with some bangers. No wonder Monsta X is going to EDC this year.

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