31 Day K-Drama Challenge ~ Day 30


Lazy Unnie


Goong… As far as endings go, this wasn’t the worst in the world but it felt so rushed! It was like, one moment they’re separated, and the next, BAM over. I just wanted it flushed out a bit more like everything else in the damn drama. If you’re going to give me a slow build, don’t give me a quick end. Keep it consistent.

Sugar Baby Unnie

Witch’s Court... Like Lazy Unnie mentioned above, this ending wasn’t bad. I was equal parts satisfied and dissatisfied with the way things ended. The show dragged out the over arching storyline but then it just wrapped it up so quickly that it was like ‘why exactly did we waste all this time?’ Like I wrote in my review of this show a while back I understood the ending and what it meant for the show overall, but seriously, ‘what the fuck!’ Then there was the romance portion that was thrown in again at the end after ignoring it for so many episodes… As much as I loved this drama (ALL THANKS TO JUNG RYEO WON KICKING ASS AS MA YI DUEM) I would definitely rewrite and change the ending. I WANTED BLOOD DAMMIT.



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