Monthly Round Up – March in Kpop

Bitchhh.. Listen the way kpop world had some shit go down this month… Absolute mess… Anyways in other news … everyone and their momma released in March which meant a lot more music to consume! Decided to be a little tactful and separate them into categories for your ease and mine. I know i’m a little late but like I was occupied this weekend.


All By Myself [Soloists]

Noir – Sunmi

I am a fan of Sunmi.. I have been since she was in Wonder Girls until now and she has never disappointed me in her releases. The only title track that I do not hold close to my heart is Gashina and even then it is still a decent track. Independent of the music video, I enjoy Noir a lot.. Including the music video, I enjoy it even more. Her tone sounds so much more comfortable than we’ve heard previously, in addition to the trap breakdown in the second verse. I know I am in the minority but I do enjoy this one a lot.

Katchup – DALsooobin

I cannot stress how much I am in love with this song. I didn’t pay much attention to DalShabet so I will admit to having slept on them completely. I randomly clicked play on this on Youtube because it was in my recommendations and I was fully prepared to shade the fuck out of this song and this stupid name but instead I grew a steadfast obsession. Guys.. I AM OBSESSED WITH SUBIN. Her vocal tone is what I love. Her songwriting skills are so authentic and poise. The composition on this track is truly divine. It is like eating an indulgently satisfying snack. I want more of her. I NEED more of her.

Spring – Park Bom ft Sandara Park

JENNY PARK! I am so happy that Bom is back after the shit she went through she deserved this so much. She deserves the support that she is getting and she deserved having her song top the charts. It was also so good to see her and Dara together because it was a mini 2ne1 reunion. The song was undoubtedly produced by Brave Brothers in his signature R&B style. Spring has definitely come for you, my love.

She’s Fine – Heize

It’s not my favorite Heize release but it has definitely grown on me since my first listen. I also liked the visuals on the video. My favorite from the EP that isn’t getting it’s own post is But, I am Your Buddy.. I love the violin and layering in the chorus also she rapped which we don’t get to hear often. Double also DAVII sounded so soothing to me… My favorite is of course……

Dispatch – Heize

I WAS SO HAPPY SHE DID A SMALL VIDEO FOR THIS SONG!!! The way this song immediately grabbed me, I was like lowkey feeling sad that it wasn’t the title. Then I saw the lyrics and it upped the way I felt about the song even more. I still think I want to hear something a little more edgy from her, but I don’t think we’ll ever get that.

Four Seasons – Taeyeon

Taeyeon can do no wrong! Get on her level bitches! I like this a lot, which isn’t a surprise at all. There is just something so unbelievably charismatic about Taeyeon whenever you hear her voice. I do think I am a bit impartial to Kenzie as I find that I really love the things she writes and co-produces.

Maybe It’s Not Our Fault – Baek Yerin

Very Yerin.. I actually love her voice a lot and I know this is the sound that Korea enjoys rightfully so. She was dominating the charts! Personal favorite from the album will have to be Our Love is Great though.. Side note, why do I never realize when lyrics are in english until I go to search for the lyrics? LOL

Don’t Hang up – Suran (feat pH-1)

Zzzz.. Oh, sorry.. I know I said I love boring stuff, but maybe it’s because I’m already listening to Heize this month that I don’t particularly want to listen to listen to Suran as well?? I don’t know but I preferred A Pleasant Meal and 1+1=0 so maybe something more along those lines will be better for my tastes when it comes to her.

I Wanna Be – Key

Man… Soyeon is like everywhere isn’t she? Like damn sister save some jobs for the rest of (G)-Idle. I like it. It’s fun and easy to listen to.. I will give it one stream for every month that Key is away.

Like Me – ph-1

PH-1 makes the type of music that I enjoy…matter of fact this was my brand of korean music before I got into kpop so you know this gets a yes from me. And yes I know I am a flip flop because I don’t like Suran when she has a similar sound but like his voice isn’t whiny as fuck so… what now?

What You Waiting For – R. Tee, Anda

I know this is technically Anda’s debut under TBL, but also she has been around for a long time so yeah not gonna count it. Anyways this was supposed to be a Blackpink song and I can pinpoint every single part that would have been given to the girls. Anyways I love the choreo so much and I do enjoy the song for what it is.. Not sure if I would like it as much if it was sung by the pinks.

Love Tonight – Hong Jin Young

Ahhh! I freaking love this! You know I am all about this consistent queen of the bops. I love the video and the song. She is THAT bitch.

Three’s A Crowd [Groups]

Always Be Your Girl – S.I.S

As an alleged girl group stan, I feel compelled to listen to every single girl group that exists. So anyways this was a nice song. Definitely added to the playlist.

Woowa – DIA

When I saw the teasers I thought we were getting a Roly Poly 2.0 which wasn’t the case but nonetheless I am still digging it. Shinsadong definitely gave the better track to DIA. The post chorus breakdown reminds me so much of Fire by 2NE1 which I know it shouldn’t but I just got such Dara vibes from it.

Gogobebe – Mamamoo

Now listen, I have as much problem with  kkkmoo mamamoo as much as the next very sane black kpop stan, but like I cannot deny that I like their music so in the end it just makes me a hypocrite and I stay out of the appropriation bullshit. So with the songs, I hate Moonbyul rapping the most and I hate the live stages as its a mess, but overall I enjoy the song enough. Waggy of course gets a shout-out because that reminds me of old Mamamoo which I enjoy more than the recent Mamamoo.

 Lovedrunk – Epik High ft. Crush

You know I love me some Crush. I also love me some Epik High.. so therefore, I love me some Lovedrunk… Bonus points for IU being in the MV. Although, I will admit that my favorite on the album is undoubtedly No Different. Miss Yuna!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I’m So Hot – Momoland

I know people want to think that this any different from what they have been doing since Bboom Bboom’s blowup but we do realize that it is pretty much the same with the addition of the a trap beat at the beginning of the song and a swing/jazzy pre-chorus right? My favorite part is definitely the pre-chorus and like I said, I think the better track went to DIA.

Bomb Bomb – KARD

Noisy garbage that I’m sure I will dance to when it’s played at the club or on the Kpop music playlist on Apple Music or Spotify. Definitely not something I will ever willingly add to my playlists. Kinda sad seeing Kard become nothing when they were so promising during pre-debut.

100% – Still Loving You

Because I am told that I am boy group anti, I am attempting to listen to men more and maybe give them a right or two.. This is nice. Nice enough that I definitely added it to my playlist.. I like this type of music from boy groups over the excessive noise.

Dreamnote – Hakuna Matata

So I am like not the biggest fan of them BUT I did see that the leader is a Jennie stan which means it is an automatic win for me whatever they release. So I don’t like Hakuna Matata but I like it ya feel me? CONG CONG is lowkey a song though.

Miroh – Stray Kidz

Lazy Unnie got mad when I told her that Korea doesn’t know who Stray Kidz are so I promised her that I would listen to another Stray Kidz song since the only one I’ve ever heard is Hellvator. I am surprised that I didn’t completely hate this, but that doesn’t mean I am gonna listen to the album.

Pinky Star (Run) – GWSN

A MOTHERFUCKING BOP. CINEMATOGRAPHY IS A BOP. SONG IS A BOP. CHOREO IS A BOP. I am growing very fond of GWSN. The fandom name is Groo which could stand for something but all I can think of is I AM GROOT.

Help Me – Block B Bastarz

The supreme remains Zero For Conduct.. Nevertheless this is still a jam for me. I always forget how wet P.O’s voice makes me.

From Seoul – Block B Bastarz

Myself, like everyone else would have preferred this to have been the title.

Thrilla Killa – VAV

UUuuuuUgh I listened to way too many boy group this month…

Sha La La – Pentagon

Poor Pentagon. I liked this better when it was Energetic though. Wooseok… Call me.

Awake – JBJ95

I definitely have given men way too much rights this month. I’m about ready for summer and all the inevitable girl group releases. Post chorus rap breakdowns are so exhausting ughh..

New Kidz On The Block [Debuts]

Crown – TXT

TXT hail from Beg It Big Hit Entertainment. Home to the infamous billboard boy group BTS. I believe that they were definitely very much anticipated due to this reason. Fortunately for them, I had zero expectations and matter of fact, forgot they even debuted so my words obviously can be trusted. Crown was an okay debut song.. Nothing quite memorable but enjoyable enough. I actually ended up listening to the whole album and while I do have a problem with every song, the overall effort on the mini is pretty decent. I will be sure to check out where they go from here.

Bon Bon Chocolat – EVERGLOW

EVERGLOW debuted under Yuehua which I don’t know much about except that they’re a Chinese company… Anyways this is by far my favorite debut song of 2019.. The autotune is a bit of a turn off but everything else is perfection. I especially love the choreo.. The girls look amazing, the song is fun and catchy! It’s an A+ debut track for sure.

Focus On Me – Jus2

I mean.. It’s pretty okay I guess.. Overall good effort. Touch on the other hand.. THAT is the one readers.

Hot Place – TMI

I know that technically this is just Badkiz but they have re-branded so I am gonna pretend it is a debut song. Me? Oh you know I eat this type of shit up. Heheheh. Minus the trap breakdown..sighs.. can this trend be over already ffs?

Park Jihoon – L.O.V.E

I literally know nothing about this boy other than he was in Wannaone and sold 82K in albums in a single day. I swear I’m going back to only listening to shit I want to and refuse to let people like Lazy Unnie bully in me into listening to music from men. About the song? Uh could be worse I guess.

I’m A Star – Wooseok x Kuanlin

Man does this like.. not go anywhere at all? Anyways… Wooseok.. Call me.

Favorite March Release: Katchup - Dalsooobin



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