BATTLE OF THE B’s: Best B-Side Tracks – GOT7


Sup! So I was sitting on this idea for like the longest and finally got off my ass and did it. There are a bunch of songs that get released as main singles, and while they’re good, there are a lot of songs off EPs and albums that go unnoticed and they are exceptional! Therefor, I came up with this feature, to shed some much needed light on those forgotten tracks.

GOT IT? (Debut EP, 2014)

I Like You – Before I knew better, I thought this was GOT7’s debut song. There was something grimme about the beat and then the sweet vocals of JB and Jinyoung on top was a nice mix. It kept on theme with this bad boy image that GOT7 had in the beginning. A nice companion to ‘Girls Girls Girls’.

GOT ♡ (Second EP, 2014)

U Got Me – This I discovered while watching Real GOT7 and fell in love. It isn’t in your face and has a nice groove. Went with the romantic vibe of the whole EP which I digged greatly.

Identity (First Studio Album, 2014)

Magnetic – Another one I found through a GOT7 reality show. Stop Stop It was THE bop of this album but this was just a fun track that really showed the personality of the group. Young and fun is what I got from this.

Just Right (Third EP, 2015)

My Reaction – This is one of their slower jams and I loved the vocal flourish of Youngjae in this. The smoother raps from rapline was also super nice. Where Just Right was fun and crazy, this slowed it down just enough and let vocal line shine.

Mad, Mad: Winter Edition (Fourth EP & Repackage, 2015)

Put Them Up – This was very party hip-hop and I liked where they were going with it. There is no dethroning If You Do, but this was a nice add on.

To Star – Confession Song was cute, this was sexy. This is the vibe of DefSoul instead of JB and I was here for it. Made me want to wrap up in a blanket in front of a fireplace with my wanna be boyfriend as it snowed outside.

Flight Log: Departure (Fifth EP, 2016)

Can’t – This was a hard choice but I went with Can’t because it felt like a new sound for them. More adult, more experimental. Also helped that this one was written by little JYP himself, Jinyoung.

Runner Up: Beggin’ On My Knees

Flight Log: Turbulence (Second Studio Album, 2016)

Dreamin’ – GOT7 came for me when they made this song. Their second album is filled with b-sides that deserve the spotlight. However, this is the clubby hit that should have had it’s own video. It makes you want to get up and dance like no one is watching. My heart rate rises just thinking about this song. Maybe it’s because when I saw this live, my whole world changed and I fell deeper in love with them, who knows?

Flight Log: Arrival (Sixth EP, 2017)

Sign – This is what I call GOT7’s Grown and Sexy phase. With the arrival of Arrival, I would call this what we think of as the current GOT7 sound. This vocal line heavy song which was written by Youngjae, has R&B flavor that I feel GOT7 has a great way of expressing.

Runner Up: Go Higher (AMAZING LIVE)

7 For 7 (Seventh EP, 2017)

To Me – This EP is probably one of the top if not the top k-pop releases I love. I could listen to this from beginning to end with repeats of each song. So picking one b-side that stood out was the hardest of hard decisions. I could have easily picked my favorite track from them but I wanted to highlight the maknae penned track. Its a sad track but the groove is so in the pocket, I’m surprised it came from Yugyeom but at the same time, I’m not. It shows his urban and R&B influences well. Again, grown and sexy GOT7 might be my favorite GOT7.

Runner Up(s): Teenager (Can’t talk about this anymore cause I’m obsessed.) ; Firework (Another Jinyoung song I’m in love with.)

Eyes On You (Eighth EP, 2018)

One and Only You (Feat. Hyolyn) – I’m cheating and putting two songs outright because this song deserved all of the love even though it was a pre-release track. This was like the best track for the summer even though it came out in the winter. With Hyolyn’s vocals and the groovy beats, I was in love. Defsoul put his FOOT into this track. *Whispers* Should have been lead single.

Us – Another Yugyeom track and another reason to love his extra ass. I like to call this the fuckboy anthem. It’s sexy and has a slight island vibe for some reason. It makes me want to just find the nearest hot boy and dance all up on him. Thank you Yugyeom.

Present: You (Third Studio Album, 2018)

I Am Me – Cheating again, because these beautiful idiots released solo songs too. Anyway, I Am Me was a track that just made me feel warm inside. I just wanted to close my eyes, wave my hands in the air and sing badly along. It felt uplifting with an EDM edge.

Nobody Knows – When Yugyeom makes me want to turn up, Youngjae makes me super emotional. I loved this song so much and felt that it had enough to be a lead single if it wanted. Also Youngjae played with his range vocally and it was so good.

Present: You & Me (Third Studio Album, Repackage, 2018)

King – This album was the closest thing to a Christmas album we got, and along with it came Christmas presents in the form of concert songs released on an album! I first heard this Jinyoung/Bambam collab when I saw them live last summer and I fell in love. Seeing a rapping Jinyoung and Swagger filled Bambam on thrones? Sexy.

Spinning Top ( Ninth EP, 2019)

PAGE – Maybe I’m just a Defsoul supremacist, either way Page is such a bop. Their energy when they perform it is off the charts. This dance track truly does its job to get you in the mood. And with Jackson’s rough voice singing “I Think I Love You” really has you loving these 7 men back 3000.

CALL MY NAME ( Tenth EP, 2019)

THURSDAY – I don’t know what it is when Offshore (Defsoul’s crew) comes together on a track with GOT7 but it’s pure magic. This song is as fun as the dance video that was released with it. I love to listen to this song when I’m getting ready because it’s just happy and boppy.

DYE ( Eleventh EP, 2020)

POISON – DADDY AF!!! Between the visuals and the track, it’s a whole mood. I would talk about how this is my favorite song right now but I’ll let you all just watch below and see for yourselves.

Breath of Love: Last Piece (Fourth Studio Album, 2020)

WAVE – This was extremely difficult because I could have named each song as the best B-side. This being GOT7’s last album under JYP, they didn’t hold back and Jinyoung’s written track showed that. It’s on the ballad side but it has an uplifting vibe. You definitely know when it’s a Jinyoung song verses another member.

GOT7 (Twelveth EP, 2022)

Don’t Leave Me Alone – Honestly, the album was pretty mid. I expected more but at the same time, I would have taken anything they gave me because I love them that much. But this song really is the standout. It isn’t in your face but it just showcases how all of them have grown vocally and musically since leaving JYP. It’s amazing.


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