Sugar Baby Unnie’s Totally Biased But Also Definitely True Ranking Of TWICE’S Title Tracks

In preparation for TWICE’s upcoming release Fancy You, I decided to rank Twice’s title tracks based on personal tastes. Of course this list is coated in bias, but it is also the only acceptable ranking of songs..Hehehe. I consider myself a casual TWICE fan where I know enough about them to follow them very loosely and to want the best for all these lovely girls. I am currently very biased towards Tzuyu, Sana and Jeongyeon, but back in the day I used to be a huge fan of Unnie Line. Most of the girls have a special place in my heart but there is an order and someone has to be last (Mina). Now that you know a little bit about my Twice preferences let’s get down to the list.

Note: Ranking has taken into consideration the following:

  • Aesthetic of the Music Video
  • Choreography
  • Sentimental Value
  • How many lines my biases sang
  • Whether or not the song aged like spoiled milk after the first week of listening to it


11. Knock Knock

Coming in hot as my least favorite Twice track is Knock Knock. Cute video. Cute song. Irritating as hell. Such a disappointment following TT. However, I am obligated to say that Knock Knock did make me appreciate TT so there’s that.

10. Best Thing I Ever Did

As I’ve mentioned previously, I am a boring bitch and I enjoy styles like this a lot. I thought the music video was absolutely lovely because it was just so touching. The rapping was horrendous though. Tzuyu’s ‘All I Wanna Do’ is music to my ears.

9. Likey

A noisy version of TT that serves great visuals and fun choreo but ages like spoiled milk. Honestly this is so irritating of a song. As catchy as Momo’s ‘BB Cream’ line is, after ten or so listens I kinda wanna shoot myself. That being said it definitely bops when you play it after a like six months of not listening to it… but only barely.

8. Yes or Yes

In all complete honesty, the choreography saved this one from being ranked 10. I like the first 2 minutes and then after that it just because very exhausting. AGAIN THE CHOREO. I love it and thus its the only reason I am willing to give it the number 8 spot. Also I do like the music video as well. The girls all look so fine and the whole concept is very fun to look at. It reminded me of VV Brown ‘Shark In The Water’.

7. What Is Love?

Anyone with ears can tell that What Is Love is just Heartshaker 2.0 … However, hellooooo the music video gave all LGTBQ rights. So like? Eat shit and enjoy this fun song. Yes this is my favorite Twice music video and it’s not edgy to hate this song losers.

6. Heartshaker

Although What Is Love is my favorite music video, Heartshaker is actually my preffered one of the two. It is also the second Twice song that I have ever liked immediately upon the first listen. Which is quite a feature in and off itself. Also they look really great in those jeans.. Who do I file a complaint against for Mimo not being in pants? Once again, it is not edgy to hate Heartshaker.

5. TT

If I had to rank TT based on initial impressions it would not have made the top 5. I LOATHED TT when I first heard it and for like a month after that too. I think I finally ‘got’ TT when they preformed it at the end of year music shows. I can’t remember which one but I repented and saw the light. TT is sooooo fucking good guys. Like she is insane! We love and respect her in this house. Unlike Likey she ages quite well and is kinda timeless.

4. Dance The Night Away

A song that asks us to dance the night away and that is exactly what I want to do whenever I hear it. I legit just want to dance. I love Nayeon’s ‘1, 2, 3 Let’s Go’ also Twice never lacks fun choreo. I like that it was an outside music video as well and they had the ocean and they all looked so pretty and ughh please be my friends.

3. Like Ooh Ah

Yes! Rounding out the top 3 is of course their debut song. I don’t really care what anyone says this is such a good debut song. It’s vibrant and fun! The music video rocks too. From Sana being the absolute cutest to Momo and Jeongyeon looking like absolute bombshells. We know the LOA outfits are legendary it’s why they wore them again last year when they got first place.

2. Cheer Up

A LEGEND. A GODDESS. UNTOUCHABLE. Second only to Gee… Literally everyone say thank you to Sana for saying ‘Shy Shy Shy’… So addictively bubblegum bop and infectious. I love this song so much. It puts a huge smile on my face.

1. Signal

Come at me. Yes this is my absolutely favorite Twice song. It is the first Twice song I ever liked after the first listen. Many people don’t like her because she is experimental but she is a GAWJUS BEAUTIFUL GIRL. She said what she said and did what she had to do. Not my fault heathens lack taste. Jeongyeon in the second verse? GET THE STRAP MA’AM.


What is your order of Twice title tracks? Who should I do next? Toodles. xx



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